Distance Learning in Action: A Senior Student’s View

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The corona virus has most definitely changed many ISP senior’s plans. However, I do believe this whole situation will just bring the class of 2020 closer to each other. I imagine there being a future conversation like so:

Person A: “So when did you graduate?”

Person B: “I was in class of 2020

Person A: “No wayyy! Me too, do you remember quarantine? And all the memes about corona and how we are always the guinea pigs. Damn thats crazy“.

This is (future) evidence of how corona just brings the graduation class closer not just in between classmates themselves but with the class of 2020 all over the world.

We are the first year in the history of IB to have their exams cancelled. At first this sounds like every student’s dream, but many students were left with a feeling of dissatisfaction. When we found out the news, there was an outbreak on our class of 2020 facebook page where emotions were running high. Below is an example of what my fellow classmate posted (I deleted their name, as I don’t want to exploit anyone’s privacy).

Furthermore, prom and graduation haven’t been canceled but there is quite a high chance they will not occur which a lot of seniors have been bummed about. Traditions such as senior sleepover, senior pranks and possibly senior trips are not going to happen which a lot of my classmates are sad about.

I am on the graduation committee and we are currently working on a plan B – virtual graduation, obviously won’t make us for the Zofin plan A, but it is the best we can do at the moment. Many students are also worrying about unis next year as a) they don’t know if they will be accepted without actual exams and b) we don’t know how long till they open up the borders, so many students wanting to study outside the Czech Republic next year might have difficulties with this.

So, what do seniors do? They don’t have any exams to study forward to. Well I can share what I have been doing. I have been painting A LOT, I have barely any paint left. Here are some of my paintings I have done on my walls. I have also been working out and gardening quite a lot.

I have recently celebrated my 18th birthday on zoom. One of my friends was so sweet to organize a surprise zoom party where we played a kahoot and then just had a nice time. I was super grateful for such a nice gesture.  

Teachers try their best to make sure their classes are fun. In psychology, Mr. Crane was teaching us about topics we didn’t learn about in the IB program such as trauma. These are very interesting. In Spanish class we are planning to cook Spanish dishes together, which I am looking forward to.
Group 6 subjects – I take Film for example, still have some things to finish up. We are still in the process of filming our final film. So there is work to do in this class.

Even though we can’t celebrate being a senior properly, there are alternatives and everyone including teachers, other students, parents and the ISP community is being very supportive, which I am very grateful for. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Stay strong! :))

Tereza, Class of ’20