Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with ISP’s Admissions Policy.

Guided by the School’s mission to Inspire, Engage and Empower, ISP strives for a student population that benefits every child. ISP is committed to a fair and transparent admissions process.

Stipendijní program (Scholarship Program)

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Admission is broadly based on:

  • The potential of the student to benefit from an ISP education;
  • The capacity of the School;
  • The desire for balance and diversity in classes (which includes factors such as nationality, need for English-language support, and need for learning support).

The Admissions Process

ISP welcomes students from the age of 3 years by September 1.

Below you will find an overview of the six steps of the application process, from inquiry to enrollment. Click on the links below to find further details about each step.

We are passionate about welcoming new families to the school and introducing them to what makes ISP unique. We are here to guide you through all stages of the application process, and to offer you individualized assistance. We know that phone calls and websites can’t capture the feeling of walking onto ISP’s campus and seeing the students and their teachers in their daily activities. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss our school and our admissions process, and show you our campus.

Please note that admissions meetings and school tours are available by appointment only.

Before starting the application process, please make sure that you have selected the correct grade level placement for your child. It is also very important that parents of students who have an individualized learning plan (IEP) or who have been diagnosed or tested for any learning differences (e.g. ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Speech Delay, Autistic Spectrum Disorder etc.) have contacted the Admissions Office in order to ensure our ability to provide appropriate learning support.

In accordance with Czech Health legislation, to be considered for admittance to ISP all applicants must have received all vaccinations as specified in the ISP Admissions Policy (please see the last paragraph).

Which Grade?

When a family first considers educating their child outside their home country, the first question they ask is often, “In which grade will my child be placed?” The grade that children enter is determined by their age by September 1st and their school history. Please be aware that completion of a “kindergarten” program (known as “Early Childhood Foundations 5” at ISP) is a prerequisite for entry into Grade 1. Also, please know that children must be 3 years old by September 1st for entry into ECF3.

If you are unsure to which grade your child should apply, see the chart comparing grade levels and ages below.

School SectionISP GradesUK Grades & IB Level US Grades Age by September 1
Elementary SchoolEarly Childhood Foundations 3Pre-Kindergarten (Preschool)3
Early Childhood Foundations 4ReceptionPre-Kindergarten (Preschool)4
Early Childhood Foundations 5 Year 1Kindergarten5
Grade 1Year 2Grade 16
Grade 2Year 3Grade 27
Grade 3Year 4Grade 38
Grade 4Year 5Grade 49
Grade 5Year 6Grade 510
Middle SchoolGrade 6Year 7Grade 611
Grade 7Year 8Grade 712
Grade 8Year 9Grade 813
Upper SchoolGrade 9Year 10Grade 914
Grade 10Year 11Grade 1015
IB ProgramGrade 11Year 12Grade 1116
IB ProgramGrade 12Year 13Grade 1217

Important Note:

  • Students seeking enrollment at ISP from Early Childhood to Grade 1 are placed according to their age by September 1. For example, students applying to our Early Childhood 3 must be three years old before September 1.
  • Students transferring from a country with a school year that follows a different calendar than ISP (e.g. South Korea, Japan, Australia, South Africa) will be required to continue at the same grade level they have just completed in their home country. For example, a student who completed Grade 8 in Korea, Japan or Australia in February to March would be placed in Grade 8 for the remainder of the academic year at ISP.
  • Students successfully transferring into ISP mid-year will be required to continue their academic program at the same grade level for the remainder of the ISP academic year.
  • For other national curriculum grade equivalents, please check with our Admissions Office directly.

Learning Support Services

In order to ensure that we are able to provide the appropriate level of learning support, we ask that all parents of child/ren with an individualized learning plan (IEP) or diagnosed learning differences inform the Admissions Office before starting the application process. Please be prepared to provide all supporting documentation related to the IEP and/or the diagnosis, including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Previous year’s learning plan (IEP)
  • A report stating diagnosis (could be one or more of the following)
  • Psycho-educational report
  • Doctors letter or medical report
  • Psychologists report
  • Grades and teacher comments

The School’s Learning Support Specialists will review the submitted documents to ensure that we can provide the appropriate level of support, and the Admissions Office will convey to the family the decision of the Learning Support Specialists.

Please note that it is not in the student’s best interest to withhold information that would allow the school to make a determination as to whether the school can support the student’s learning and wellbeing. If, after admission, it is discovered that such information existed but was not provided, we must reserve the right to withdraw our offer of admission or to not offer re-enrollment.

Health Records and Immunization

In order for an applicant to be considered for admission, the fully completed Student Health Form must be submitted in English, as well as an up-to-date medical examination.

ISP requires the following vaccinations for all students:

3 - 5 Years Old Students6 - 19 Years Old Students
DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus) - 3 dosesDPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus) - 4 doses
Polio - 3 dosesPolio - 3 doses
MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) - 1 doseMMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) - 2 doses

Starting the Application

The application process is completed entirely online. The process is a straightforward one, however if you require any assistance, the Admissions Team is here to help. Any potential applicant can register initial interest and start the online application process here.

The Application Fee of €350 is paid as part of the Application process.

Once you have started the online application, you will receive an invoice for the application fee via email. The Application Fee is non-refundable.

Applications are considered complete once we have received all of the supporting documents listed. Please upload all required documents into the Admission Portal. Exactly what is required varies slightly depending on the age of your child.
Listed below are the materials applicants must provide during the online application:

Please note that ISP may require further testing/screening in some instances. In addition to submission of all required documents, students applying to our Middle School (grades 6-8) and Upper School (grades 9-12), whose mother tongue is NOT English, will be required to take a test in English.

All parts of the application must be submitted and the Application Fee received before the Admissions Office can begin reviewing an application.

As soon as we receive a fully completed application from you, your child’s file will undergo a detailed review by our Admissions Committee. This committee includes the Elementary/Middle/Upper School Principal, Associate Principal, Counselor and other members of the educational team. Each student’s application is given careful consideration. This may involve some additional follow-up in certain cases, when we feel this is necessary to enable us to make a decision.

When the Admissions Committee has reached a decision, this is communicated to you via email. You will receive the response from ISP within two weeks of the completion of the online application and the payment of the application fee.

1 August Admission

(The application is for the beginning of the next school year in August).

ISP is aware that receiving an answer as quickly as possible is of utmost importance to potential families. However, current ISP families have until the end of March to inform the ISP Admissions Office if they will be returning to ISP. It is only at that point that it is clear how many spaces will be available in each class. ISP, cannot, therefore, give confirmation of placement until that time.

Prospective ISP families are strongly advised to complete applications before the beginning of March. This gives ISP the necessary time to review the application before class placement starts at the beginning of April.


Within two weeks of the completion of the online application and the payment of the application fee, parents/guardians will receive a response from ISP:

  • Applicants are admissible;
  • Not admissible, or;
  • Continued for further review.

All completed applications that are found to be admissible before class placement starts at the beginning of April, will be considered in this initial placement of students.

Completed applications that are found to be admissible after class placement starts at the beginning of April, will be considered on a case-by-case basis as availability (and class composition) allows.

2 Mid-Year Admission

If an application for immediate admission is during the current school year (in other words, not for the beginning of the next school year in August), acceptance and admission usually take place at the same time.


Within two weeks (sometimes earlier) of the Application Fee being paid and the completed Application being received by the Admissions Office, parents will receive a response from ISP:

  • Applicants are admitted;
  • Rejected, or;
  • Continued for further review.

Please note that an approved application does not guarantee placement for the prospective student. For August admission, class sizes are assessed at the beginning of April, and approved applications are placed. Notices of acceptance are then sent to those students. If a class is full, approved applications are placed in a waiting pool (at the request of the parents). For placement at other times of the year, students are generally approved and accepted at the same time depending on space availability.

Please be aware that signing the Enrollment Agreement is part of the enrollment procedure for all students. You will receive the Enrollment Agreement via email. You don’t have to scan the agreement, we do need to archive the original version with your original signature on it. Please send the signed agreement back to the Admissions Office via regular post.

Please understand that your children cannot be enrolled until the school receives the signed Enrollment Agreement back. Our Finance Department will issue the tuition fees invoice on the day the agreement has been received.

The academic school year for 2021-22 starts on Wednesday, August 18th, 2021, and ends on Thursday, June 16th, 2022.

Application Fee

The Application Fee of €350 is paid as part of the application process.

The Application Fee is non-refundable.

Newcomers’ Fee

  • New students entering in Grades ECF 5 through 12 pay a €2000 Newcomers’ fee. This is only for newly admitted students and does not apply to returning students;
  • New students entering in ECF 3 & 4 do not pay a Newcomers’ fee, but will pay the Newcomers’ fee in subsequent years when they move up to Early Childhood Foundations 5 (ECF5);
  • The Newcomers’ fee also does not apply to students who withdraw from ISP and then come back within either of the two academic years subsequent to their departure from ISP.

The Newcomers’ Fee is invoiced with the Tuition and Capital Assessment fees, and is non-refundable.

Capital Assessment Fee (CAF)

The CAF is used to service the School’s construction loans and/or to fund the major maintenance of the facility. The CAF is invoiced every year with the Tuition fee. All students in Grades ECF5 through 12 pay the CAF.

The CAF is non-refundable.

Tuition and Fees

  • Please ensure that invoices for Tuition & Fees are paid by the due date indicated on the invoice;
  • Tuition & Fees are quoted and invoiced in Euros; payment should also be made in Euros, please;
  • Please inform the school promptly of any billing address changes;
  • Placement is not guaranteed until invoices for tuition and fee are paid.

Fees for the Academic Year 2021-22

(“ECF” = Early Childhood Foundations)

Half-Day ECF 3&4*€ 9,300€ 9,300
Full-Day ECF 3&4*€ 11,120€ 11,120
ECF 5€ 17,750€ 3,000€ 20,750
Grades 1-5€ 17,750€ 3,000€ 20,750
Grades 6-8€ 19,230€ 3,000€ 22,230
Grades 9-10€ 21,000€ 3,000€ 24,000
Grades 11-12€ 21,670€ 3,000€ 24,670

*For Academic Year 2021-22 information on pro-rated fees for ECF 3&4 students is available from the ISP Admissions Office


  • The €3000 deposit is only payable by returning students (not new students);
  • The deposit is non-refundable;
  • The deposit is credited against the Capital Assessment Fee, Tuition and other fees;
  • A returning student’s place is not guaranteed unless the deposit is paid by the due date.

Payment of Fees

Method of Payment

Payment may be made by bank transfer to:

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s.
Želetavská 1525/1, 140 92 Praha 4, Czech Republic

€ (Euro) Acc. No.: 2112216606/2700
IBAN: CZ86 2700 0000 0021 1221 6606
Account name: International School of Prague

Euro checks drawn on Unicredit Bank may be used for payments to the School. We are unable to accept payment by checks drawn on any other bank.

Cash can be accepted only for the Application Fee.

When making a wire transfer, please be sure to instruct your bank to give the student’s name and invoice number for reference. For added assurance, please send a copy of your bank transfer receipt to the School (using the Business Office address indicated on the invoice).

Late Payment of Invoices

  • 1.0% late fee per month (pro-rated on a daily basis) is applied to overdue invoices;
  • Failure to meet financial obligations in a timely manner may result in suspension of the student;
  • Upon departure, no diploma, transcript or other academic record may be released until all the student’s financial obligations toward the School are met in full.

Mid-year Enrollment

  • Tuition is pro-rated based on the total weeks remaining in the school year. Partial weeks will be billed as full weeks.
  • The CAF and Newcomers’ Fee are not pro-rated; they are payable in full regardless of enrolment date.

Special Payment Plan

ISP has always had mechanisms in place to help current families who require greater flexibility due to their financial circumstances. One of those mechanisms is a “Special Payment Plan” (SPP) which usually includes a 750 euro administration fee.

For the academic year 2021-22, the SPP fee of 750 euros will be waived and paid from the school’s financial assistance budget.

Those individual payers (who have confirmed their re-enrollment by having paid their deposit) who would like to apply for the SPP, please complete this form and email it to

Please note that corporate payers are not eligible for this Program.


The Application Fee, Newcomers’ Fee, Capital Assessment Fee, and Re-enrollment deposit are, once paid, non-refundable under any circumstances.

Tuition is partially refunded in the event that a student withdraws from the School during the school year. The part of the Tuition that is to be refunded is calculated based on the number of financial quarters remaining in the school year subsequent to the financial quarter in which the student voluntarily departs for the rest of the school year. For example, a student withdrawing from the School during the second quarter will only receive a refund for the third and fourth quarters.

In cases where students are suspended or dismissed for unsatisfactory conduct or academic progress, all tuition and fees paid are non-refundable.

Special Note on ECF3/ECF4 Program: Staffing and other needs are based on the number of students in the program. For this reason, while full-day students may decide for any reason to move to the half-day program, the school does not issue refunds in such cases.


for returning students

Each year many expat ISP families must wait to hear from their employer whether they will be staying or leaving the Czech Republic. At the same time, many families who will be coming to the Czech Republic are waiting to hear if there will be space at ISP for their children.

In an attempt to give as much comfort as possible to both types of families, the Admissions Office asks current ISP families to give us their decision in mid-March. The precise date when the re-enrollment period starts falls immediately after the meeting at which the Trustees approve the tuition cost for the following year.

Leaving families are asked to notify the Admissions office as soon as they become aware they are leaving.

How Re-Enrollment Works

“Re-Enrollment Period”

The re-enrollment period for students who wish to continue at ISP takes place during a one-week period in mid-March, immediately following the meeting at which the Board of Trustees approves the following year’s tuition and fees.
Re-enrollment takes place electronically. Families are sent an email with a link to an electronic form.


After completing the form, an invoice for the deposit (€3000 per student) is sent to the payer of record. Re-enrolment is not complete until the electronic form is completed and payment of the deposit is received.

Please note that the deposit must be paid before March 31st in order to hold the student’s place. The due date of the payment of the deposit does not change based on when the electronic re-enrollment form is accepted.

Payment of Tuition

Shortly after ISP receives the deposit payment, an invoice for the full tuition (and CAF fee if applicable) is issued and sent to the fee-payer.

Please Note

Payment of the deposit, followed by full payment of the tuition and fees, by their respective due dates is imperative in order to hold the student’s place. Unpaid invoices may result in the place either being given to a waiting student and if not, unpaid invoices will accrue a penalty of 1% per month or portion thereof.

Questions regarding the Re-Enrollment procedures (or anything regarding Admissions) should be directed to the ISP Admissions Office.

Financial Aid

The goal of the International School of Prague’s Financial Assistance Program is to give temporary tuition and fee reduction to currently enrolled ISP students in cases of unexpected financial need.

Financial Assistance is not available for newly registered students. Assistance is granted on an annual basis. Reapplication is allowed, though grants are normally limited to two consecutive years.

Financial assistance requests or renewals must be received by March 31st for the following academic year. The Financial Assistance Program Description provides more information. For any additional information contact the ISP Admissions Office.

Scholarships at ISP


The Scholarship program at ISP is partially funded through donations to the School from parents, corporations, Alumni, and others.

The goal of the program is to make the ISP educational experience available to a diverse range of students. These Scholarships are based not only on financial need, but also merit. ISP actively seeks excellent students who will benefit from an ISP education, and who will be an asset to the ISP community of learners.


ISP Scholarships are available to Czech citizens and other residents of the Czech Republic. Currently, scholarships are only granted to students in the Upper School (Grades 9-12).

Preference is given to students who begin their ISP career in 9th Grade (when students approximately age 14), although admission in later years is also considered.

In addition to fulfilling the normal requirements for admission to ISP, an applicant who wishes to be considered for a Scholarship must demonstrate:

  • An excellent academic record (a special talent outside of academics is highly desirable);
  • A strong command of the English language (written and verbal);
  • A desire to enroll in the full International Baccalaureate program;
  • An openness to consider enrolling in a University (after graduation from ISP) which is outside of the Czech Republic and where English in the language of instruction;
  • An strong desire to obtain an education in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Good citizenship and exceptional character.

Scholarship Application Process

Scholarship applicants must firstly go through the regular application process like any other applicant to the Upper School. The school application process is completed entirely online. The deadline for submitting applications is February 28. Applications can be started here.

Applications are considered complete once we have received all of the supporting documents listed below. Please upload all required documents into the online Admission Portal.

  • A photo of the student
  • The application form (completed online)
  • A scan of the page of the student’s passport showing birth and expiration date, or a scan of the student’s Birth Certificate.
  • A scan of the personal information page(s) of the Passport (or ID card) for both parents or guardians
  • Official school records for the last two years in English, or officially translated into English. You will be asked to upload scans of all educational, psychological, speech, and language assessments that you may have (including an Individual Educational Plan, if applicable). If the school year has not yet been completed, please upload scans of mid-term or most recent grades
  • Three Confidential Recommendations from three current teachers (the recommendation forms are emailed to your teachers, who then complete the forms online)
  • A Writing Assessment completed by the student – an essay
  • A scan of an up-to-date, graded written assignment in English (for Grades 10 – 12)
  • The completed Student Health Record – parents/guardians complete one section, and another section is emailed to your physician who completes the rest online
  • two recommendations from non-relatives, one academic and the other personal.
  • Documentation regarding the applicant family’s financial status . (Upload these documents into the Miscellaneus section of the Admission Portal).
    (1) the last three years of their national income tax returns;
    (2) bank letters showing current bank balances on all bank accounts (self or joint) over which
    the applicants have signing authority;
    (3) a list of all other assets owned by either/both parental applicants, and their current valuation.

The ISP Scholarship Committee is composed of the Upper School’s Principal & Counselors, the International Baccalaureate Coordinator, an Upper School Faculty member, and the Director of Advancement. Following a positive review of the application by this Committee, prospective students are asked to take an English proficiency exam and other assessments. After successful completion of this step, the members of the Committee interview candidates. Parents are welcome to attend these interviews.

Based on the financial situation of the family, successful applicants receive a Scholarship offer, which can include the cost of many athletic and cultural trips, and the costs of tests for college admission, such as; PSAT, SAT, SAT Prep Course and IB.

Scholarship students are expected to maintain satisfactory grades and to adhere to the behavioral guidelines of ISP. For further information contact the ISP Admissions Office.

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Student Support

The purpose of Student Support @ISP is to advocate for and support students, teachers, and parents in the provision of differentiated programs, to ensure that everyone is included, challenged – and successful. At ISP we believe that all students should have equal access to learning opportunities.

The Learning Support Team at ISP recognise that all students have a unique learning profile and use a flexible range of developmentally appropriate strategies to meet diverse learning needs. Key parts of this approach are to support both formally and informally identified students,  collaborate in finding ways to best meet the needs of every individual student, monitor student progress and performance and support learners in the classroom and small group settings.

ISP does not charge additional fees for support services (English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Learning Support).

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

We provide EAL support for students whose current level of English (speaking, listening, reading, or writing) limits their access to the curriculum. Our EAL specialists work to increase students’ English proficiency through a literacy and language-based program. It is a “sheltered immersion” program, in which students develop their English skills within the regular curriculum.

The EAL support we are able to provide is dependant upon the number of students already enrolled in EAL at the relevant grade level.

EAL Admissions Requirements and Assessments

Grade LevelProficiency Requirement at time of AdmissionsAssessment(s) usedSkills AssessedPurpose of Assessment
PK-KGNoneInterview, Pre LAS KG = WIDAListening, speakingPlacement
Grades 1-5NoneWIDAListening, speaking, reading, writingAdmissions & Placement
Grades 6-7NoneWIDAListening, speaking, reading, writingAdmissions & Placement
Grade 8Social language + Basic AcademicWIDAListening, speaking, reading, writingAdmissions & Placement
Grades 9-10Social language + Academic languageWIDA + Academic listening and vocabulary tasksListening, speaking, reading, writingAdmissions & Placement
Grades 11-12ProficiencyWIDA + Academic listening, vocabulary and written tasksListening, speaking, reading, writingAdmissions & Placement

Learning Support

Learning Support is part of the instructional continuum of services we provide to meet the diverse learning needs of our students. The exact number of students we can support is dependent on the resources the School has available at any given time.

Supporting Documentation

Parents or guardians of any applicant who requires additional support must submit complete supporting documentation with the application. Such documentation might include an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that outlines the level of support required; Assessment Reports which show the student’s current level of performance; and any diagnosis or recommendations for intervention and accommodation (such as occupational therapy and/or psycho-educational testing).

As part of this process, we may interview the applicant, and the Admissions Committee may request that a psycho-educational evaluation be conducted before we make a decision.

Please note

During the application process, it is not in the student’s best interest to withhold information that would allow the school to make a determination as to whether the school can support the student’s learning and wellbeing. If, after admission, it is discovered that such information existed but was not provided, we reserve the right to withdraw our offer of admission or to not offer re-enrolment.

Level of Support Provided

We support students with Mild Learning Difficulties (MLD) who require “accommodation” but not “modification.”  Accommodations do not fundamentally change instructional level, content, or performance criteria during instruction or assessment, while modifications require different benchmarks, modified curriculum, and performance criteria.

A student with MLD, given appropriate accommodations, functions within the regular classroom and focuses on the same learning outcomes as all students. We do not have a program for students who require a self-contained learning environment or a completely separate curriculum.

When reviewing the application of a student with specific needs, the Admissions Committee takes into consideration the current number of students receiving learning support in that grade. Despite a diagnosis of MLD, we will only offer admission when the Admissions Committee determines that we can provide the level of support required for the student to be successful.

Frequently Asked Questions