ISP is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). In ISP’s last accreditation process, a report published in early 2018 stated –

“The Evaluation Team is unanimous in observing and confirming that the International School of Prague is mission-driven, student-focused, future-leaning, progressive on many levels, high performing and a safe, secure place for learning.”

Learning stories

ISP chose to capture a portion of the self-study element of the accreditation process in this document, which gives snapshots of the types of learning stories that take place at ISP every day. A number of quotes from the last inspection report are shown below.

“Teachers throughout the school speak passionately about the importance of global citizenship…the international community and the different backgrounds it attracts are not only embraced by the students and administration, but also a point of pride and one of the essential fibers of the ISP”

“ISP has created an environment where creativity thrives”.

“ISP has created a learning environment that fosters growth by appropriately challenging students and supporting their inquiries”

“Much like their teachers, students at ISP are curious and engaged learners. From the earliest years students are supported in developing the skills and dispositions of effective learners”