This session was led by Ewan McIntosh – the passionate and energising tour de force behind NoTosh. A highly-regarded keynote speaker at events around the world, he’s also the author of How To Come Up With Great Ideas and Actually Make Them Happen.

The world is screaming out for young people who can do more than just follow the rules. Following the rules is not enough anymore to create the products and services that people need, or to find and resolve the planet’s greatest challenges. (#ISP2020Change) And yet, so much of our schools’ values and systems present a challenge of their own: they are all about rule-following, and doing ‘well’ against pre-set criteria. What if school wasn’t about meeting the criteria, but exceeding them.

What if school wasn’t about following all the rules, but helping students learn when they should really go about breaking them? Sharing insights from his work with some of the world most innovative engineering and creative firms, and first-rate schools, Ewan McIntosh will show how school can be less about preparing students for an unpredictable world, and more about putting them at the centre of changing it.