• Support Staff

General description:

Provide on-site health care services during the school day and during the after-school activities to ISP students, employees, and community members (over 1100 people), and manages the day-to-day operations of the Health Office.

Key responsibilities:

  • Promotes health-care services within ISP and health-related education to students and Employees in both individual and group settings;
  • Provides nursing coverage for all after school activities such as conferences, workshops, sport events, and sports tournaments (e.g. CEESA) as established in the annual calendar;
  • Plans, organizes and executes program for health education, accident prevention (for students and employees), and evaluation of the school environment in accordance with overall program guidelines:
    • monitors immunizations and assesses the school environment to ensure safety,
    • maintains up-to-date health records within the ISP online system,
    • in coordination with the school psychologist, counselors, and parents provides health services for the children with special needs (ADHD, autistic spectrum, etc.) and the children with chronic illnesses (diabetes, asthma, allergies, epilepsy, etc.), 
    • implements health management plans for the ISP students with chronic health problems, including the administration of medication,
    • provides assessment of all illnesses and injuries to students and staff during the school day,
    • serves as a consultant with other professionals, such as food service personnel, physical education teachers, coaches, and counselors,
    • proactively takes part in research and evaluation of ISP health services to improve and update the health programs and nursing practices at ISP.
  • Dispenses and documents physician-prescribed and over the counter medication to students according to the parent’s request.
  • Liaises with health agencies, hospitals, and clinics to provide quality healthcare to students/staff.
  • In case of crisis situations, communicates with local authorities and conducts research in order to obtain appropriate information
  • Provides first-aid response in any health related emergencies on the school campus to all ISP community members (students /  employees / parents).
  • Provides support to students, families, and staff with obtaining an outside care and coordinating follow-up care or a treatment as needed.
  • Brings health-related educational, regulatory, and training requirements into practice. 
  • Assists the Head of the Health office / School Psychologist in planning and implementing to ensure the overall effectiveness of Health Office services in the long-term.
  • Be an active partner in building & sustaining trusting relationships with other colleagues.
  • Actively works on process improvements and operational procedures development.
  • Supervises the team of ISP nurses and substitute nurses.

Knowledge, skills and attitude required:

  • Fluency in Czech and English.
  • Personnel management skills.
  • Knowledge of local / Czech health resources.
  • Impactful leader: walk the talk, have a bias to action and strong ability to work effectively in a highly collaborative environment.
  • Self-driven, always trying to go to the next level.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with students, parents and colleagues in a clear and empathetic manner.
  • Flexible, can-do attitude, innovative & solutions focused.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle confidential information in a sensitive and tactful manner. Adhere to strict confidentiality involving staff & student matters, internal/external correspondence, etc.

Education and training required:

  • Nursing certification/diploma
  • Minimum of 5 years previous experience working as a nurse
  • Experience of working in a multinational environment


As part of ISP’s comprehensive child welfare policy, we do perform background checks on all our employees, who must abide by the ISP Child Protection Policy.

How to apply

To apply for any Support Staff post, send a CV and Covering letter to hr@isp.cz