Elementary School Music Teacher

  • Faculty

Overall purpose of the position:

  • To provide access to a comprehensive and sequential program of study in music (PK through Grade 5)  which develops students’ instrumental, vocal and ensemble skills, as well as their capacity to  compose and improvise musically;
  • To further learners’ capacity to perform, create and appreciate music in an inquiry-based environment. 
  • To unite the school community through music events, celebrations and performances.

Desired impacts:

ISP Definition of Learning: What does it mean to learn at ISP? Learning is a transformative process that builds on what we know and can do, deepens what we understand, and changes who we are.

ISP Learning Principles - learning best happens when:

  • Learners’ curiosity drives what and how they learn. 
  • Learners know what they’re learning and why it is significant.
  • Learners know where they are as learners and how to go further.
  • Learners persist with relevant and rich challenges. 
  • Learners consider and connect complex ideas.
  • Learners apply their learning in diverse and challenging contexts.
  • Learners feel a sense of safety and belonging.

Main responsibilities:

  • Teach general music classes for Early Childhood and Grades 1-5  students
  • Lead and manage bi-weekly Elementary School gatherings and performances  outside of class time
  • Design and deliver  music performances 
  • Offer balanced and engaging  learning experiences, which further learners’ capacity  to  perform, create and appreciate music
  • Establish a positive student-centred learning environment  with engaging and authentic learning experiences;
  • Collaborate with other ISP music teachers and elementary fine arts teachers in planning and presenting student performances, including dance, drumming, chorus, and musical theatre.
  • Differentiate for a range of children’s musical strengths and interests.
  • Actively collaborate with PK-12 music teachers, elementary teachers, specialist teachers, support staff, and administrators as needed. 
  • Contribute to the  school community through offering after school activities.
  • Actively participate in and lead professional development opportunities and collaborative meetings.
  • Be an active partner in building and sustaining trusting & constructive relationships with other colleagues.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, skills & dispositions required:

Personal Skills and Abilities:

  • A model of musicianship through own musical skills and performances 
  • A strong, unwavering drive to innovate and enhance our musical program
  • A growth mindset and open-minded approach to professional learning.
  • Capacity to communicate with students, parents and colleagues in a clear and empathetic manner.
  • An avid learner and seeker of  how to support children's musical strengths and interests
  • Impactful educator with an innovative and solutions focused can-do, flexible  attitude
  • A high level of intra and interpersonal intelligence and the ability to work effectively in collaborative environments

A strong understanding and experience with:

  • Vocal and instrumental musical development in children.
  • A broad range of musical genres and traditions.
  • Given ISP’s Kodaly inspired curriculum and general way of learning in music,  experience with Kodaly pedagogy is strongly preferred.
  • Commitment to, and enthusiasm for, working with elementary school-aged children.
  • Teaching and learning Music with an inquiry stance.
  • Giving feedback that supports learners’ knowing where they’re at and how to move forward.
  • International teaching and learning

Education & experience required:

  • A BA (MA preferred), in music and / or music education.
  • A minimum of three years experience teaching general music.


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As part of our comprehensive child welfare policy, ISP performs background checks on all its employees, who must abide by the ISP Child Protection Policy.

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