Upper School (new)

Upper School students learn to think critically, creatively and deeply within and across disciplines while taking on authentic and real world challenges.

Highly qualified and experienced IB Diploma educators guide young adults in gaining expertise in their areas of interest, as they prepare for university and purposeful lives.

Dr. Eric Sturm Upper School Principal

Learning program

ISP has an articulated PK-12 curriculum, rooted in inquiry, where learners are involved in posing and investigating questions. Our learning program develops students’ potential that enables them to be successful at ISP, as well as in their educational and professional pursuits in the future.

Grades 11 and 12 are IB Diploma years. Students take a mixture of courses that they select (within guidelines) plus electives for some who aren’t doing the full IB Diploma Program. For detailed information about the International Baccalaureate and all courses for Grade 11 and 12 students is available here.

Grade 9 and 10

Support Areas

Given ISP has students arriving from around the world with varied educational and life experiences, we have four departments to support learners as needed.

After School Activities and Clubs

Upper School students have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of performing arts events and athletic activities throughout the year. They can gain life-changing experiences through completing the International Award (previously Duke of Edinburgh Award) and being a member of the National Honor Society or the Model United Nations Club.

In addition to numerous sports clubs, Upper School students can also explore passions as varied as the Drama Production, Modern Dance and Media Correspondent Club.


The Elementary School at ISP nurtures the development of the whole child, based on a belief that positive, exploratory, and challenging experiences have a significant impact on future attitudes towards learning.

It is important for children to actively participate in the learning process, so we provide a wide range of opportunities for children to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually


Our inquiry-based curriculum supports children in learning how to ask questions, explore big ideas, think critically about what they have learned, and consolidate their understanding.

Through this inquiry, students are actively engaged in a variety of authentic, developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

The curriculum is also designed to ensure that learners meet specific overall standards while striving to reach grade level benchmarks


Schedules are organised to accommodate blocks of time for classroom instruction, special classes, and outdoor play. Children may attend specialist classes in art, music, modern language & culture (Czech, French, Spanish, and Mandarin), library, and physical education. When appropriate, technology is integrated in the curriculum. The special classes complement academic areas and combine to support the development of the whole child