Sprinkling a touch of magic and a love of reading through “Book Fairies”

Elementary Teachers and Librarians got together to promote a lifelong love of reading in an extra special way. Our educators specifically ordered books which they knew the kids would love for classroom libraries. Special messages accompanying the titles from the ‘Book Fairies’ were delivered personally by specially-dressed educators!

Developing passionate readers serves as the bedrock of learning. Having interesting books available at our fingertips is key to our literacy program. The ‘Book Fairies’ was a year-long project of  ISP’s dedicated Elementary Librarian and Literacy Coach in partnership with class teachers. The project audited classroom libraries in the entire Elementary School, identified age-appropriate books to engage children’s interest and curiosity, ordered the books, curated the collections, and wrapped up the boxes of books as gifts before they finally delivered more than 1,000 titles. 

This monumental task was rewarded by the children’s excitement on discovering what was inside the gift-wrapped boxes. At the start of the day, one Grade 5 student said, “I learned to love books when I was in quarantine last year. I DO hope it’s books!!” And she got her wish! 

The whimsical celebration of new books proved its worth in the delight on the children’s faces and then the sight of them poring over the new books with even more excitement, all the while promoting a lifelong love of learning.