Introducing a dedicated Elementary School Outdoor Learning Coordinator

This year, Early Childhood Foundations (ECF) and Elementary School have enhanced Outdoor Learning with the introduction of a dedicated specialist educator

The new Outdoor Learning Coordinator drives expanding outdoor learning options for younger students. On campus and in the natural learning environment of the Divoká Šárka forest on ISP’s doorstep, outdoor learning is driving curiosity in what and how students learn.  

ISP’s youngest students in Early Childhood Foundations are frequent visitors to the forest. Outdoor learning has also been embedded in their everyday life without leaving ISP’s spacious and purpose-built campus. Under the guidance of the Outdoor Learning Coordinator, this year the children have developed both a specific digging area and a ‘Mud Kitchen,’ both of which encourage children to become active learners in spaces that stimulate curiosity while encouraging thinking, exploration, and problem solving.

At the other end of the ECF/Elementary age scale, Grade 5 students are also taking a hands-on, outdoor approach to science learning. They prepare for lessons in the specially-adapted Outdoor Learning Room, before taking to the forest to hone scientific skills of close observation, by sampling, data collection, and testing theories on the flora and fauna a short walk from campus.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we are grateful for and taking full advantage of our campus and neighboring forest more this year than ever. Read more about Outdoor Learning at ISP