Encouraging tech innovation from 8 to 18: FalconTech Robotics

FalconTech Robotics is now integrated into Elementary, Middle, and Upper Schools at ISP. 

As part of ISP’s comprehensive After School Activities programs, Elementary and Middle Schools Robotics students meet weekly and have represented the school at local tournaments. This year is a first, as Elementary robotics students will take part in a tournament at an expo in Prague next March. The month before, Middle School Robotics students are scheduled to travel to their first international tournament in Dresden, Germany.  

Upper School Robotics has admirably carried the Falcon flag to a number of regional tournaments, most recently in Bucharest and Bratislava. 

The Upper School Robotics Team has also represented the Czech Republic with distinction in the prestigious First Global Challenge in recent years, placing high in tournaments in Mexico City and Dubai. As the program continues to evolve and grow, US students now have the option to take Robotics as a credited elective.