Supporting ISP

ISP is a not-for-profit school. We count on the support and involvement of our community to strengthen our mission to Inspire, Engage and Empower all learners to be Curious Competent Compassionate Changemakers.

100% of your generosity goes directly to enhance the experience of our students by preserving what is best about ISP: exceptional teachers, a challenging and responsive learning program, and unique experiences in and out of the classroom.

Why do I give to ISP?

  • To support ISP in introducing innovative, exceptional, and be-spoken programs, such as Outdoor Education and Sustainability

    Anna Lukyanova Elementary School Parent
  • To further support my children’s holistic education, I gave to two areas that will make a big difference to my children’s time at ISP: Design, Technology & Robotics and Learning Support!

    Hilda Leahy Middle & Upper School Parent
  • To encourage other parents to participate. I know that even ‘small’ gifts when combined together make a big difference

    Amy Seymour Upper School Parent
  • We feel that it’s pertinent for the parent community to give to the Annual Fund, which is designed to enhance the unique learning experiences students receive at ISP, and to keep the school’s legacy of excellent education sustainable also during the years to come.

    Tatiana Eichler Elementary & Upper School Parent
  • Every gift counts, be it small or be it large. It all adds up. As parents of alumni who started their education journey with the ISP community, we have seen them flourish. We feel honoured every time we have the chance to contribute and enrich the ISP experience for them and for others.

    Staffan Erenmalm Chair of the Board
  • To foster a culture of innovation outside of the tuition fees and support the school our kids go to.

    Patrick Frape and Jenny Snively Elementary and Middle School Teachers
  • To inspire parents to support special projects at ISP. I know the amount I give is small, but if enough of us demonstrate our support, it can encourage major donors to make transformative gifts..

    Elizabeth Perry Upper School Teacher

The ISP Fund 2022-23

Collective support through the ISP Fund (previously ISP Annual Fund) enriches the ISP unique learning experience to a level that tuition alone cannot provide. Your donations help ISP go the “extra mile” with unique programs and exceptional resources. We invite YOU, as a member of the ISP community to contribute to the ISP Fund 2022-23.

Giving Priorities 2022-23

  • director-inovation-fund

    Director’s Innovation Fund

    This enables the Director to allocate funds for emerging and innovative new projects driven by ISP faculty and students. Supporting these projects strengthens the continued growth and development of ISP.

  • design-technology-robotics

    Design and STEM

    This will enhance our Design and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs by investing in tools to extend learning for our students. This will serve both our curricular and extra-curricular programs, from early Elementary through Upper School

  • elementary-outdoor-education

    Elementary Outdoor Education

    This will enhance our existing Elementary Outdoor Education program, providing experiences for students to become more connected to the natural world, inspiring them to think deeply about the environment, sustainability, and ways they can become changemakers for our planet.

  • performing-arts

    Performing Arts

    This will improve performing arts spaces and bring inspiring creative professionals to ISP.

  • science-for-sustainability

    Science for Sustainability

    The Changemaker Student Grants support our students to make an impact on our local or global community through their ‘changemaker’ projects.

  • student-leadership

    Student Leadership

    Gifts to this area provide additional resources to our Student Council (STUCO) program and offers leadership training for students.

  • learning-support

    Learning Support

    This area strengthens the executive functioning skills of learners, ECF to Grade 12, and includes teacher and parent training to extend Learning Support programs.

How to give

Thank you for considering making a gift to ISP, we are so grateful for your support to fulfil our mission to Inspire, Engage and Empower all learners to be Curious Competent Compassionate Changemakers


You can make your gift either in Czech or US currency:

Company matching

Many employers offer matching gift programs that can increase the impact of your donation. To find out if your company currently matches charitable gifts, please check with your company’s HR office.

Talk to us

We would be delighted to speak with you about how your support can make a difference at ISP. Please contact Monica Stanciu, Advancement Director at +420 607 251 119 or for more information.