Supporting ISP 2022-23

In today’s rapidly changing world, we often look for things that we know for certain. One of these certainties is that educating our children to be Curious, Competent, Compassionate Changemakers is our best hope for a bright future. The fulfilment of our mission has the power to build relationships, innovate, and develop leaders and thinkers that can bring peace and positive change to our world. Everything we do at ISP is with this goal in mind.

Giving is part of the culture at our school, and over the years, hundreds of donors have helped make ISP what it is today.

Why do I give to ISP?

  • To support ISP in introducing innovative, exceptional, and be-spoken programs, such as Outdoor Education and Sustainability

    Anna Lukyanova Middle School Parent
  • To further support my children’s holistic education, I gave to two areas that will make a big difference to my children’s time at ISP: Design, Technology & Robotics and Learning Support!

    Hilda Leahy Upper School Parent
  • To encourage other parents to participate. I know that even ‘small’ gifts when combined together make a big difference

    Amy Seymour Parent of Alumni
  • We feel that it’s pertinent for the parent community to give to the Annual Fund, which is designed to enhance the unique learning experiences students receive at ISP, and to keep the school’s legacy of excellent education sustainable also during the years to come.

    Tatiana Eichler Elementary & Upper School Parent
  • Every gift counts, be it small or be it large. It all adds up. As parents of alumni who started their education journey with the ISP community, we have seen them flourish. We feel honoured every time we have the chance to contribute and enrich the ISP experience for them and for others.

    Staffan Erenmalm Parent of Alumni
  • To foster a culture of innovation outside of the tuition fees and support the school our kids go to.

    Patrick Frape and Jenny Snively Elementary and Middle School Teachers
  • To inspire parents to support special projects at ISP. I know the amount I give is small, but if enough of us demonstrate our support, it can encourage major donors to make transformative gifts..

    Elizabeth Perry Upper School Teacher

The ISP Fund 2022-23

Collective support through the ISP Fund (previously ISP Annual Fund) enriches the ISP unique learning experience to a level that tuition alone cannot provide. Your donations help ISP go the “extra mile” with unique programs and exceptional resources. We invite YOU, as a member of the ISP community to contribute to the ISP Fund 2023-24.

Giving Priorities 2023-24

  • IMG_8018-(1)

    Director’s Innovation Fund

    Our goal is to allocate funds to support emerging and innovative new projects driven by ISP faculty and students.

  • 20221019-154809-1455-general-isp-photos-october-2022-(3)

    Design, Technology and Robotics

    Our goal is to spread the real-world tools of robotics, design, interactive technology and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) into the hands of our students at every grade level.

  • 20221019-124616-0843-general-isp-photos-october-2022

    Elementary Outdoor Education

    Our goal is to enhance the existing Elementary Outdoor Education Programme, providing experiences for students to become more connected to the natural world and inspiring them to think deeply about the environment, sustainability and ways they can become changemakers for our planet.

  • 20221110-141252-0624-isp-jazz-dock-orchestra

    Performing Arts

    Our goal is to complement in-class music-making with the experience of practising, performing and watching live music on stage.

  • 325357571_505495038380695_774323486249567252_n

    Changemakers Student Grants

    Our goal is to support our students with the financial resources to plan and execute project, that will positively impact our local and global community. Interested students will apply for a Changemaker Grant and will be guided by their teachers and mentors to bring their ideas to life.

  • 20230614-125753-0122-isp-grade-8-moving-up-2023

    Student Leadership

    Our goal is to inspire students across the school to strengthen their leadership skills and develop their capacity to actively participate in Student Council (STUCO) by attending specialised trainings and workshops.

  • 20220908-093148-0105-general-isp-photos-september-2022

    Learning Support

    Our goal is to strengthen the executive functioning skills of learners, ECF to Grade 12, and offer more teacher and parent training in our Learning Support programmes.

The ISP Fund: The Power of Collective Giving at ISP

ISP is a community of changemakers, and each year we ask for your help to ensure that we can provide a world-class experience for our students. Will you join us and help make learning at ISP even better? We are inviting our community to contribute to the ISP Fund 2023/24, our annual community appeal, combining gifts for maximum impact. Read inside the article how your gifts are making a difference right now at ISP.

The new Student Life Centre is a vibrant new space on campus, designed for the students by the students! Read on to see how this project came to life through the vision, creativity and determination of our Middle and Upper School students. This hip new hangout was made possible by the generous donations of our community through the ISP FUND.

Last school year, Grade 3 worked with Aaron Moniz of Inspire Citizens to plan a unit based on Sustainability. This unit proved to be very successful and impactful to the students as they began to make changes to their daily practices in the classroom and, hopefully, at home. The unit was developed in collaboration with the Outdoor Learning teacher. This year, we did the unit for a second time. One of the main take-aways of this unit is having the students think about the 6 R’s – repair, re-use, recycle, rot, reduce and refuse, with the overall “R” being Rethink. 

A Rigamajig is a creative building tool with a variety of wooden pieces, plastic bolts, screws and connectors to allow students to build anything they can imagine! Elementary students were delighted to experience this new piece of creative equipment, purchased through the generosity of our community through the ISP Fund.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our ISP Fund donors, ISP is able to deliver unique programmes and exceptional resources above and beyond what tuition can fund. One of these initiatives was the recent visit by technology expert, educator, and digital wellness specialist, Patrick Green. Patrick shared his knowledge and insights with ISP students, parents, and teachers during his visit in April 2023. 

Grade 4 has recently launched their “Sharing the Planet” Unit of Inquiry, where they delve into various ecosystems worldwide. During the initial curriculum planning, teachers were inspired by the idea of students experiencing these ecosystems firsthand. Fortunately, we have a set of top-notch VR goggles to make this a reality!   

Last year, one in three members of our community made a gift to ISP. We are deeply grateful for our community’s generosity. Your gifts through the ISP Fund have enhanced the experience and programmes for our students, including the purchase and implementation of new cutting-edge tools for our Design, Robotics, and Technology Programme, such as the Dobot Robot Arms, unveiled this week in Elementary School.

One of the main aims of Outdoor Learning in Elementary School is to get students up close to nature, and you can’t get much closer than a worm in your hand! Contributions to the ISP Fund help us work towards this goal by providing additional resources such as gardening equipment, observational tools, and reference books.

In January of 2023, we were delighted to welcome Aaron Moniz, educational consultant and co-founder of the organization, Inspire Citizens, to ISP. Over the course of his one-week visit, Aaron worked with educators, students, and parents, to support the ISP mission of Inspiring, Engaging, and Empowering all learners to be Curious, Competent, Compassionate, Changemakers! It was an incredible week for our community, with many students feeling excited and empowered to progress with their projects for ISP Changemaker Grants, supported by the ISP Fund.

The ISP music program engages and inspires students to make music and understand and appreciate live music. We are grateful for the donations of our community to the ISP Fund, in the area of Performing Arts, which sponsored the recent visit to campus by the Prague-based professional Big Band, the Jazz Dock Orchestra!

Design classes are new to the ISP Middle School this year, an addition to the schedule that offers all students an introduction to many exciting design aspects.   In the unit “Designing for Others,” students will learn about the design process and design thinking and apply this knowledge to a real-world problem. In their second Unit of Design Inquiry, students will explore the world of robotics and coding using the new Lego Spike Prime system, purchased thanks to the generosity of our community through the ISP Fund. These STEM-ready Lego units engage the students in the basics of coding while tapping into their problem-solving and creative skills.

Our ISP community is a place of many voices, each accompanied by countless stories. Through this podcast, Falcons on Air, we hope to share the voices and stories of fascinating and inspiring individuals with our community.  All Podcast equipment was purchased from the ISP Fund.

Imagine learning about outer space by stepping on the moon, exploring its nearby craters, and gazing at the stars. How about a trip to Paris and a stroll through the Louvre to spark an interest in the visual arts? These experiences are happening now at ISP. Over the last few weeks, our Tech and Innovation Coaches have unveiled the newest addition to the Idea Lab: the VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) headsets purchased from gifts to the ISP Fund. These incredible devices can transport students to any location on earth (or beyond!), presenting opportunities that inspire the imagination and bring learning to life on a whole new level.

How to give

Thank you for considering making a gift to ISP, we are so grateful for your support to fulfil our mission to Inspire, Engage and Empower all learners to be Curious Competent Compassionate Changemakers


You can make your gift either in Czech or US currency:

Company matching

Many employers offer matching gift programs that can increase the impact of your donation. To find out if your company currently matches charitable gifts, please check with your company’s HR office.

Talk to us

We would be delighted to speak with you about how your support can make a difference at ISP. Please contact Monica Stanciu, Advancement Director at +420 607 251 119 or for more information.