Women’s Rights Are Human Rights: Upper Schoolers take the lead to emphasize gender equity at ISP

By: Gabriella, Grade 11

On 8 March, ISP celebrated International Women’s Day  around the school by highlighting inspiring women and students at ISP who are incredibly successful in the face of adversity. Posters were hung in the hallways of students and staff members alike, and videos were made of students from all grade levels to showcase at the Upper School Gathering. 

The students in the Kurandza club were the organizers of this incredible event. Kurandza club raises funds and awareness for girl’s education in Mozambique, as well as advocating for women’s rights around the world. ISP is so proud of our dedicated students!

Throughout International Women’s Day, one phrase rang clear: Women’s rights are human rights.

Besides being  an opportunity to celebrate the women in our community, International Women’s Day is a chance to discuss issues that limit women.

 An important concept that was presented to the school community was intersectionality. Intersectionality is the idea that everyone has their own experiences with oppression, and we must consider anything that can marginalize people when discussing discrimination.

In this way, the perspectives and hardships of women of color and trans women were also highlighted. For example, ISP was reminded of women in Afghanistan, whose basic rights, such as work and education, have been taken away by the Taliban. It is essential to acknowledge these gross human rights violations so that our community can become aware of them and begin to incite change.

Another concept that was highlighted was the need for equity in order to level the playing field of gender. Gender equity is the process of ensuring fairness between men and women by compensating for women’s historical and social disadvantages.

Examples of gender equity include empowering women in leadership roles, in the field of STEM, and encouraging men to advocate for women. 

All members of the community were incredibly respectful when learning about these concepts and supportive when acknowledging the extraordinary women at ISP. Hopefully the issues that were introduced can continue being explored and addressed. 

Many thanks to students in the Kurandza club and organizers Ms. Pacelli, Ms. Palmer and Ms. Lenk, as well as the countless students that helped make this possible. 

Women’s rights are human rights.