Week Without Walls Diaries: Business in Bohemia

Business in Bohemia…Not just business as usual

This year’s return to Week Without Walls once again demonstrated our students’ flexibility and willingness to take on challenges. From hiking in the Dolomites or the High Tatras, to cooking like a chef or sketching in Venice, our students engaged in numerous learning activities that required them to stretch their learning in new and exciting ways. We are pleased to share the reflections and experiences of our students in this new series, “Week Without Wall Diaries”.

Please enjoy this week’s account from Business in Bohemia: Not Just Business as Usual.

How is Coca-Cola® made? What happens inside a restaurant? Who organizes the logistics behind operating the largest waterpark in Central Europe?

These are some of the questions that sparked student curiosity and guided investigations during the recent Week Without Walls trip, Business in Bohemia. Led by Jeff Penn, Upper School DP Economics and Business Management teacher, students ventured across the Czech Republic to a variety of businesses to learn how operations, finance, marketing, and human resources function within a variety of firms. 

This Week Without Walls experience positioned students to see how successful businesses run, both from the consumer’s perspective and what actually happens behind the scenes.  Students met with industry leaders and had the chance to ask the burning questions on their minds. Students had incredible first-hand experiences across the week: 

  • Learning about how a zoo finances its operations and then going on safari.
  • Touring a historic fortress and then hearing about their unique marketing strategy.
  • Visiting the Coca-Cola® bottling plant and discovering the complex system ensuring the recipe’s secrecy. 

Student highlights include:

“I came to know that running a business is a complex task, with many different departments having their own identities but working together towards a common goal.”

Saanvi, Grade 9

“One thing that really surprised me was “the inflation % in Czech republic and how it affects different factors of production, prices, opportunities and overall business models.”

Karina, Grade 11

Besides being a wonderful opportunity for students to learn the ins and outs of running a company, or gaining a deeper understanding of finance, this week without walls experience empowered students to think critically about the impact businesses have on their local and global communities. As we look to inspire ISP students to be change-makers in the world, these real-world experiences shape the mindset and expand possibilities for our future entrepreneurs and leaders.