Onwards to Toronto to Keep Achieving What Wasn’t Thought Possible

ISP Class of 2021 Graduate Yinguang looks back on his ISP days and how they shaped him into the person who is now studying Business Management at the University of Toronto in Canada.

Name: Yinguang
Citizenship: China
Destination University: University of Toronto, Canada
Grade Started at ISP: Grade 6

The IB at ISP – what are your abiding memories? 

I think in certain ways it was easier completing the IB than it was for other years with there not being final exams, but in other ways it was much more challenging to work without the face-to-face interactions with teachers and other students.

The thing about the IB for me is time management with the crazy workload. It was more like a journey for me in managing to keep up with the demands and see myself improve.

What are you doing next and how has studying the IB @ISP prepared you for it?

I’m studying Business Studies at the University of Toronto. My economics classes at ISP put me on the path to my university choice. With Mr. Penn and previously with Ms. Evans (present and former Economics Teachers) it was interesting to figure out things in the world economy. I’ve always been into History and I wrote an interesting essay on one of the Chinese Civil Wars. It was really enjoyable with the way that Ms. Fleming (former History & Social Studies Teacher) taught the class and while it maybe isn’t directly related to what I’m going to study now, I think it was invaluable in improving my writing. 

My time at ISP was complex in a way, for a spell I lost some focus, but I came to realise what was important. I matured greatly between Grades 10 and 11 and ISP helped form me into the person I am today

Graduation Day Celebrations

Future plans – what do you intend to do in the medium to long term future and what do you take from ISP to the rest of your life?

I see my future in business or investment banking or a similar area. I’d probably like to work around the world. I like the idea of working everywhere

One of the lessons I’ll take from ISP is from my mathematics teacher Mr. Keith Richards. He taught me to see a math problem as an enemy, to toughen up and crush it no wonder how stressed you are feeling! I think lots of other ISP teachers have inspired me similarly to have the mentality that if I am put on the spot I have the strength to achieve things I never thought were possible.