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The Unity Club: Connecting with the World of Data and Beyond

Written by Eldar, Grade 12 

At a school such as ISP our education is second to none, and we have people from all over the globe, in possibly every industry in the world, across all various groups. However, reaching out to the world beyond us is sometimes daunting, complicated, or difficult due to language barriers. At Unity Club, we aim to change that. 

Unity Club, led by Eldar aims to seek, create and establish relationships with other organizations in Prague to benefit our students through collaborative events. Connections and opportunities are all around us, all that we need to do is have the courage to go up and communicate.

Recently, our Unity Club was invited to participate in the World Data Congress, the largest conference focusing on trends and innovations in the world of data. 

“Every 20 or so years, it seems there is always some sort of new revolution. Computers, the Internet, and now Data and AI. Optimistic or not about the future, we must and will be the Originals and Pioneers of this new era.  After networking with CEOs, Venture Capitalists, and Journalists, gaining new insights into this industry has set a vision and a mission for my future, which I will not stray away from. The Conference was an amazing opportunity I wish to replicate again.”


The World Data Congress was an incredible opportunity to learn from, and network with developers, engineers, CTOs, innovators, and business leaders. It was an empowering day where we watched inspiring lectures, panel discussions, and interviews with more than 90 speakers from the Czech Republic and abroad.

“It wasn’t just that we learned about up-and-coming technologies like ChatGPT and Generative AI from industry experts; we got to listen to them discuss use-cases, pitfalls, and future predictions. An eye-opening experience which has left me inspired to learn more and seize the great opportunities which lie at the tips of our fingers with these new tools.”


“Attending the World Data Congress was an amazing experience  that opened my eyes to amazing concepts regarding revolutionary new technology that will surely shape the future, and consequently all of our lives. The future is very exciting! “


Along with our successful conference trip to the World Data Congress, we are also in the midst of creating internships and providing financial management courses between UniCredit and ISP. With the useful networking connections we made at the Congress, and various other channels, we are strategizing our expansion into other industries and fields.

“The intellectual exchange at the World Data Congress was nothing short of remarkable, as it brought together a diverse range of erudite perspectives on the world of data, while also providing an enriching networking opportunity for all involved. The resulting amalgamation of knowledge and social connection left a lasting impression on me and served as a testament to the power of bringing together people in pursuit of knowledge.”

Adam Andrusko

With a passion for networking and interconnectedness, the power of simply communicating allows us to see a different and wider world others do not. Our ambitions to create, expand and explore will surely follow in our personal and professional lives in the future, as our journeys in our respective industries just started.