Taking Artistic Energy from Nebušice to New York

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s enduring words about New York City being characterised by all the “wild promise of all the mystery and beauty of the world“, seem appropriate for one ISP alumna and visual artist. Class of 2021 graduate Lily is determined to put her own stamp of beauty on the Big Apple through her art.

Name: Lily 
Citizenship: United States
Destination University: The Pratt Institute, New York City, United States 
Grade Started at ISP: Early Childhood Foundations 4 (Kindergarten)

The IB at ISP – what are your abiding memories?

My IB consisted primarily of art classes, but I also took ESS, which I felt was a very meaningful class I got a lot from as it touched on a lot of events happening in the world. It was a good science class for someone like me who maybe isn’t as engaged in the scientific world as others.

It was unfortunate that we didn’t have the chance to have our exhibition as other classes did, with a big showcase event in the theater. This was a big reward for other years, but it was just one of those things with the lockdown situation. In film class we also didn’t get to show any of our short films with the community in the same way as other years. In saying all this, the art world is a lot more technological and our year reflected this. 

Lily’s IB Artwork

We had to share our art on an online platform, making a picture of museum space and incorporating our artwork on it. A lot of galleries around the world are experimenting with virtual tours and exhibitions so I suppose our year also got an insight on this, on how to launch an immersive visual experience online. 

The Extended Essay was really valuable as it allowed you to select something that you would really like to do and do a research project on it. I did mine on traditional animation and used the knowledge to make my own animation and use it in film class. 

What are you doing next and how has studying the IB @ISP prepared you for it?

I am studying Fine Arts Painting at Pratt Institute in New York City. I’m very much a traditional artist and don’t really want to do a lot of digital work so the last year was a challenge for me, but it was something to try out. And doing things digitally does have its advantages, like I could much more easily share my work with my Grandma! 

Lily on Graduation Day with former Director Dr. Arnie Bieber

The IB is wonderful in a sense as you can try a variety of courses, but you have to maintain a level for all your classes which is demanding. I found the IB challenging, particularly in gaining closure in some subjects, but I think that as the art school at Pratt is self-directed I think the IB at ISP was really good preparation for it.  

Future plans – what do you intend to do in the medium to long term future and what do you take from ISP to the rest of your life? 

I would like to be an independent artist and try to make a living. For the next few years I just want to focus on bettering my craft. I’m trying not to think too hard about the working world as I’ve been given the opportunity to study here. Brooklyn is great as it is not just the art school I’m here for, but a real artistic community and access to the real world. 

What I would say about ISP is that the teachers really supported me. They definitely support you in anything you are interested in or if you need help in a certain thing. They are very supportive and they push you, without them I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now. It was a genuine relationship I was able to build with these teachers, which was wonderful as they work with you on a personal level. That is so valuable in an art program, that you don’t feel that you are on your own, that at the end of the day there are people there to support you.