STUCO: Amplifying Student Voice and Choice in Middle School 

You’ve heard about Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day, and the highly successful Middle School Social, but have you ever wondered who does the work to make these events, and many more, happen? 

It is none other than StuCo, our incredible Middle School Student Council made up of passionate change-makers who bring voice and choice to the Middle School.  Unlike traditional Student Councils, there are no elections and no hierarchy in this group. StuCo is a voluntary committee made up of students who choose to spend their lunches twice a week brainstorming ways to make ISP a more connected community, a more joyful school environment, and a more giving place. 

 “ I joined StuCo because I really love helping people and I want to make a difference in our school community. I like being a leader because I can guide people and spread awareness on important issues. In StuCo, I can share my ideas with the team and we get to create posters and events to support these causes.”

Leila, 6th grade

Facilitated by Middle School teachers, Ms. Ck and Ms. Dadiego, StuCo currently consists of 12 – 15 members, a blend of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Being a part of StuCo not only gives these students real-world experience in leadership but nurtures a sense of belonging and connection within our Middle School.

“We organize all the assemblies and we are the MCs, so that’s fun because we speak in front of everyone, and tell them about the things happening in middle school like the spirit days.”

Marta, 6th

In addition to planning and publicizing ways to brighten the halls and infuse spirit into the daily life of Middle School, StuCo members lead the Middle School assemblies, help organize events and activities on campus, and find creative ways to raise money for causes they believe in.  

“For spirit days, we pick a certain topic and everyone comes to school dressed like that. It’s fun seeing everyone in their pajamas or crazy hair. It just warms your heart because everyone listened.”

Kika, 6th

At the recent Middle School Social last week, StuCo advocated charging a small entrance fee to support an organization here in the Czech Republic that is sending medical aid to Pakistan due to the recent floods. From these efforts, students raised 8,302 czk in money to donate!

“I really like that there is a student voice in the school because I think that when students give their opinion it opens up a whole new perspective. That’s why I wanted to be in StuCo – because you have a voice and you get to be a part of something even bigger than yourself. I also want to make a change in the school – there’s always more we can do to make the school a better place.”

Zile, 8th grade