HUMANS OF ISP: The Sundae Edition

We are excited to share this special edition of “HUMANS of ISP,” featuring an important and very loveable member of our community, Sundae! It’s not every day that our four-legged friends agree to an interview, so please enjoy this rare opportunity to hear from Sundae as she shares what she loves about ISP, details of her job as a comfort dog, and her favorite extracurricular activities. 

Hi Sundae!  Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. This is my first time interviewing a dog!

This is my first interview, too! I’m excited to be a “Human” of ISP. I really like attention and I really like ISP.

Great, we can work together. Let’s start… So, what is your official job title here at ISP? What do you do here at school?

I am an ISP Comfort Dog.  I have started my training as an official Therapy Dog, but the training and evaluation are hard to find in Europe… so my Good Citizen K-9 diploma makes me an official Comfort Dog.

At ISP, I greet students and staff, sit with students who may have had a hard day or just need a snuggle, and sometimes I get to have library visits with the elementary students. (They are so cute and cuddly – they love to pet me!)

Students take me on walks & talks – they talk and I listen – and I like to visit the teachers who give me treats. I’ve also met some students who were once afraid of dogs but now are excited to give me a hug…. I LOVE working at ISP.

How long have you been at ISP?

My first day was May 24, 2021. I remember it exactly because it was a Monday and I joined the big grade 12’s during Covid testing.

What do you enjoy most about coming to school? 

Seeing all my friends, of course!  I get to walk all around the school and people are always excited to see me.  I remember everyone’s smells, so I am excited to see them, too. I love greeting all the students and the grown-ups, too.

My favorite place is the cafeteria, I just love to go there. Sometimes, Monica gives me bacon!!

And when I’m feeling tired, I just lay in the hallway and people come by and pat my head. I can’t imagine a better way to spend the day. It’s the best.

Do you have any talents or hobbies? 

Sleep! I really enjoy sleeping. Rest is so important.  I can sleep 14 hours sometimes. I also really love to cuddle!   I’m kind of a princess.

Also, I like to run through the forest, and sometimes I get the “zoomies” and I run in the field. There’s so much green grass. After a long day at work, play and rest are so important! 

What are your favorite foods? 

Well, I already said how much I love the bacon Monica gives me. Yum!! I also really enjoy French Fries. 

What is something interesting or surprising about you that the ISP community might enjoy hearing about?

Well, I’m not allowed a lot of screen time, but I do have my own Instagram. I mostly share my adventures and cute pictures of me sleeping (I do that really well, as I said before).

Also, when I am not at work, the dog walker picks me up, and I go for walks with my friends. Some of my friends also have ISP teachers. We have a little community together – it’s nice.

Anything else you’d like to share, Sundae? 

Yes, I would like to thank the ISP cleaning crew who are so nice and they clean up my dog hair glitter – I appreciate them. Everyone at ISP is so friendly and caring. I feel grateful to work here.  When I walk the halls, everyone yells my name and is so happy. It makes me happy. 

Thanks, ISP!!