HUMANS OF ISP: The People in our Community

In the spotlight today is Windsor Lovette, our ISP 4th grade teacher, who also happens to be the leader of the “ISP Dance Crew” (Teacher Dance Group), an avid swimmer and swim coach, and a Geo-caching expert! Windsor has an incredible life story and is full of surprises – check out this interview to read more!

Hi Windsor! Thank you for going into the spotlight this week as our HUMAN of ISP… and actually, it’s the second time in the spotlight recently! Can you tell us about your role in organizing the incredible Teacher Dance for Kurandza?

Yes! The Kurandza Talent Show dance performance was a ton of fun! I designed the choreography and ran the teacher rehearsals leading up to the event. 

Dance is something I started to get into as an adult, mainly for fun, socializing, and exercise. My only formal experience with dance is a year of Ballet in elementary school, cheerleading, and a few hip-hop classes in Thailand.  While I was teaching in Thailand, I started running a teacher dance group, but I had no idea it would become something that I would continue doing as I moved across 3 countries! Over the years, it has become my thing.

I love that schools have given me, and other teachers, a platform to dance. It is an incredible way to build community, encourage creativity and movement, and connect with other teachers.

I just recently wrote an article for CEESA (#CEESAstory) about my journey with dance and community building at schools.  

That’s incredible – you all were fantastic on stage. Congratulations.  Can you tell us more about your journey as a teacher and where you have taught internationally?

This is my second year at ISP, teaching 4th grade, and my 16th year teaching. This is my 6th year teaching the PYP (Primary Years Programme), and I’ve worked with toddlers up through 5th grade. Before ISP, I taught internationally in the US, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Georgia. People ask me all the time which country is my favorite and I honestly don’t have one, although Prague and the Czech Republic are pretty great!

What are some of your other interests, besides dance?

I love swimming. I grew up swimming competitively and am at my happiest in water. I was very excited to help coach the MS and US swim team at ISP last year and I’m thrilled to continue to do it this year.

I’ve heard you are a bit of a Geocaching Guru. What’s that all about? 

Last year, another colleague introduced me to Geocaching, and in January, I decided I wanted to start finding at least one Geocache every day. I just hit 300 days two weeks ago! I’m having to travel further out now to find them each day, and it can be difficult and time-consuming without a car. It is great exercise, though, and it takes me to places I never otherwise would go!

The best part is that I’ve been able to share this with my students. Last year, my class helped to create my first Geocache and we dedicated it to Dr. Cindy Vega as a farewell gift. This year, I’ve incorporated it into our Nature Explorations unit as well as into our math lessons. I love that I get to share this hobby with them.

Amazing! Geocaching is such a unique hobby – any other Windsor surprises we should know about?

Once upon a time, I worked in the music industry! I worked for a small record label and booked shows at small venues throughout Virginia… We even created a clothing line and put on a fashion show! I also worked at major music venues backstage with production. I was lucky to meet many artists and admire their talents from the stage.

Sounds like you have had a very creative life journey so far! Thank you for chatting with us today and sharing your passion for the arts with the ISP community.