HUMANS OF ISP: The People in our Community

Please meet Omer, a passionate, animal-loving environmentalist and aspiring Zoo Keeper! Omer is in Grade 3 and was one of the main caretakers of the ISP hedgehog who popped up on campus a few weeks ago.  Read this interview to learn more about Omer and the words of wisdom he’d like to share with our community about animals and the environment.

Please tell me about your experience at ISP.  How long have you been here and how is third grade going for you?

This is my third year at ISP. We moved here from Israel. I like coming to school to learn and then I can teach others what I learn. 

 I think this is a great school for every kid from every country. Everyone can be here in peace – there is no fighting or teasing.

Can you tell me about your experience with the hedgehog? I heard that you were one of the most involved kids in the whole Elementary School!

Yes, I was really excited about the hedgehog! So, this is the story.  A few weeks ago, I saw Ms. Kerry with gloves on and she was holding a bucket. I asked to look inside and saw this baby hedgehog! I was very, very excited! Actually, everyone was excited at first, but I think actually I care about him the most because I ask Ms. Kerry about the hedgehog every time I see her. I helped feed the hedgehog and then I went to the library and got books about hedgehogs to learn more. 

What did you learn?

I learned that baby hedgehogs can be as small as your fingernail. I also learned that they eat insects and also they eat small mice. They eat slugs and worms, too.

Wow, fascinating. Are you specifically interested in hedgehogs or do you like animals in general?

I love animals. I used to have six fish. And each one died. And I had two parrots –  one of them killed the other one. Now we moved to a new apartment and the house owner doesn’t allow any animals but he gets to have a rabbit. I don’t understand why.  We don’t have a pet now but my little sister found a slug and brought him home and I mostly keep him alive. Every morning I spray water on him. I’m trying to convince my sister to let him go because he needs to have his own life, too.

I want to be a Zookeeper when I grow up because I really like animals and I am very connected to nature.

What do you like about being in nature?

In nature, I can feel more free and have fun and be creative. I like to be outside and make tents and build fires. We go out in nature a lot. Like almost every day. My mom doesn’t allow one day without going outside.

I also like to spot animals out in nature. We find lizards, fish, and ducks. 

Is there anything that you’ve learned from being out in nature that you’d like to share with others?

Yes. Be kind to nature because without nature, we won’t be alive. And treat nature how you want to be treated and how others want to be treated.