Expressionism Explored: IB DP Art Show

Valuing and appreciating the arts is at the core of ISP’s values, and our community had much to celebrate with the recent IB DP exhibition, “Expressionism Explored”. Held in the ISP Landau Theatre, the showcase professionally highlighted the exceptional range and diversity of each Grade 12’s artist portfolio.

The artwork on display was a unique blend of styles and mediums, ranging from expressive portraits to vivid paintings of rabbits, realistic depictions of cats, and three-dimensional sculptures, to name a few. This diverse collection chronicled the two-year process of creating a body of work through the IB Diploma Programme in the visual arts.

“Five young artists were featured in Expressionism Explored showing their two-year journey of the DP visual arts. Each young artist had a unique story to tell with their work, and we are proud to showcase their talents. The exhibit stayed open from Wednesday the 22nd to the 24th of March where classes got to experience student artwork firsthand. Well done Rosa, Ella, Elizabeth, Claudia and Sasha!”

Kirsten Palmer, Upper School Art Teacher

Parents, teachers, and students came together on the evening to toast the achievements of our talented students during the opening of the show.  In the following days, many ISP students came to tour the gallery and admired the exceptional work of these students.

“I learned that there is more to art apart from aesthetic quality. Art can be used as a tool to share ideas that verbally can not be expressed or ones that are overlooked. I wanted to make my exhibition meaningful, and I hope others also saw that.”

Ella, Grade 12

“I found it very interesting to be a part of the exhibition, as it was a new thing for me. It was nice to have an opportunity to share all the work that I have created for the past two years and to see how others view my art and style.  While my rabbit, Gee, was the biggest inspiration for my work, I was also inspired by my own life experiences.”

Claudia, Grade 12