How our Librarian stimulates curiosity, creativity and a love of reading in Early Childhood Foundations

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Early Childhood Foundations students at ISP love visiting the fantastic ISP Learning Innovation Hub! In this article, Early Childhood Librarian Ms. Sandra gives some examples for how she helps foster a love of reading in our youngest learners!

Library & Tinker Time

Fostering the love for books is my main goal and the ECF3/4 & 5 students clearly enjoy coming to the library! Tinker Time is an Early Childhood STEM Activity. Our starting point is always a book, which leads into building & creating. It is all about engagement, inspiring wonder and sometimes resulting in research in non-fiction books.

After reading Marcus Pfister’s old time favourite The Rainbow Fish, the pictures above show the students are making their own Rainbow Fish.

Book-inspired Creativity

After reading lots of snow picture books, students felt it was time for some snow art using the branches of an old Christmas tree.

A book is always our starting point. Above, it was Stickman by Julia Donaldson.

On the left above, students read a picture book about yarn and looked at non-fiction books about wool & sheep. Next they made a collage with sticky tape and yarn. On the right above, after reading a funny fairy-tale, the students started to build sturdy castles for their princesses.

Above the students decorate a very unusual floor tree!

I hope these examples give you a little impression of what we do to help stimulate curiosity, creativity and a love of reading in the Innovation Learning Hub.

In the mean time, don’t hesitate to contact me For our current families we can always check out more books to you in Rohlik bags. 🙂

Ms Sandra