Deck the halls with creativity!

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At ISP, we nurture creative expression as a powerful tool for self-discovery, community building, and change-making.  The Arts, in all its many forms, have been very much on display the last few weeks as our students celebrate the end of the year and create works of art to express family traditions and cultures.

In the unit of inquiry, “How We Express Ourselves,” our 4th-graders explored a topic of choice through any artistic medium or method. From stop-motion films to garage band holiday compositions, hand-crafted replicas of mosques, and clay dreidels (to name a few!), the vast array of artworks created by our students reflects the incredible diversity of our community.

To celebrate the culmination of the unit, students created museum displays of their work and shared reflections from their artistic journey with their parents.

Might your family create some winter art over the break? Send us a pic – we’d love to see and share it!