Computer Science, Coding, and Design in Grade Six

Grade six students spent their stretch day afternoon exploring a variety of coding, computer science, and design activities. Students coded in Python and Scratch, used 3D design software to create name tags to print on a 3D printer in the Idea Lab, and did hands-on activities to increase their understanding of data security and related concepts in computer science.

Grade six students coding with Mr. Frape.
Students in Dr. Perry’s data security workshop learn about parity bits by trying out a card trick.
Mr. Bobyk leads students through 3D design of printable name tags in the Idea Lab.

The students were excited by their afternoon of activities, and when asked what surprised them about their learning, they wrote: “I got surprised that we can 3d print,” ”I liked the fact that many activities related to real life,” “I learned how to use Python,” “I didn’t know that data security was going to be fun,” and “It was the best day!”