Building Understanding: From Lego to Kapla 

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What makes a bridge strong and steady?  How do tall buildings stay upright and not fall in the wind? What are the interesting landmarks of Prague, and what can we observe about their form?

These are some of the questions our ECF 5 (Early Childhood Foundations) students have been asking as they investigate the world around them and build their own three-dimensional creations. Taking inspiration from the city of Prague, they are learning about structures, stability and construction.

This hands-on unit has engaged all our learners in practicing social skills, exercising their imagination, and building understanding. From community drawings on paper to Lego structures and skyscrapers in Kapla, our young students have been busy recreating entire cities in their classrooms.  In discovering how buildings work and creating their own structures, our young engineers are practicing the skills of design, collaboration, active listening, and problem-solving.

Check out our young engineers, and future leaders, in action!