Visual “Brandalist” Changemakers

All the programmes in the IB Continuum (PYP, MYP, DP and CP) include interdisciplinary learning that requires learners to consider and connect complex ideas from different disciplines. Interdisciplinary learning is key to developing critical and creative thinkers who can use their skills to become positive changemakers.

The IB Diploma Language and Literature course involves the study of a wide range of literary and non-literary texts in a variety of media to investigate the nature of language and the ways in which it shapes and is influenced by identity and culture.

Grade 11 IB English Language & Literature students, led by Ms. Cox (English) and Mr. Dimitrov (Art), were challenged to create a Brandalist piece using the ‘tools’ of Bansky’s street art to draw attention to and convey a message regarding political and social issues such as consumerism and environmental concerns.

The next time you’re on campus, please stop in to see the full installation of these Brandalist pieces (located in the passageway between MS Art class and the main sports field.) Meanwhile, here are a few videos, photos and descriptions of the installation to whet your appetite and give you a sense of this interdisciplinary project. 

Expressing messages through art can be very powerful because it is more human than just talking during a presentation.” US student

Inspired by Banksy and other creators of street art, this brandalist artwork stands up to the exploitation of our planet and its resources by large corporations. 

The decision to shape the earth into the Apple logo, by using spray paint and stenciling, emphasizes the dominance of corporations over the whole planet. Although companies make promises of reducing their carbon emissions and use other forms of ‘greenwashing,’ the ‘bite’ they took from the planet is irreversible. Without instant action, large corporations will devour our planet. Watch video Big apple”.
In this piece, I mainly used the method of paste-up and spray paint to brandalise the European Super League logo and stress the role of money and elitism that this potential competition involved. 

Football is supposed to be a fair, friendly sport in which fans get to support their teams to get qualified for higher competitions and watch their favorite players. The idea of the European Super League took away all the morals of the game and proved that football became a question of money rather than competition. Watch EU League video
This piece combines the logo of Macdonald’s with the hurt chickens underneath. 

Macdonald’s fast food chain has come under fire multiple times for their sourcing of meat and specifically chicken. Because of these controversies, they have come to be known as a franchise that doesn’t have very good sourcing of their meat and especially chicken.

The conditions in which their chickens live allow for them to not have to spend money in making the conditions fair, yet still, get the same amount of chicken meat. The use of hormones injected into the chickens as well as selecting genes and breeding specifically allows for them to be very large chickens in very small spaces which maximize their spending to income ratio.
Everyone has the right to privacy, and the piece, which uses street art techniques like stenciling and spray-painting, does its best to convey that idea.

Meta inc., formerly known as ‘Facebook inc.’ (the parent company of Facebook and others), has a history of taking Facebook users’ private information, hence the man with binoculars. Another privacy issue is online stalking. This is shown with the man and the binoculars along with the ‘us’ replaced with ‘you’ – creating the sentence, “Find you on Facebook”.

Meta inc. stores private information to tweak what the user sees without the user knowing even when the user is not on the page. Meta inc. has gotten into some trouble for that in the past. If you use social media regularly, anyone at any time can find out about many parts of your life, and in effect, you lose your privacy.