Spring has Sprung at ISP

Excited to be back on campus and seeing the most recent enhancements to the outdoor learning spaces, Elementary students quickly “dug into” discovering all that Spring has to offer. 

Kerry Craig, our Outdoor Learning Coordinator (right) shares a few glimpses into the children’s curiosity leading them to build their understandings and skills as gardeners, scientists, and nature lovers! While the two rotations of students may not have had the same temperatures, they have all enjoyed their onsite outdoor learning and doing.

Planting and Transplanting

Between the new raised beds, the outdoor learning classroom, and indoor planting, ES students were busy transplanting seedlings that had been planted before the break and planting wildflower and dried pepper seeds outside. Measuring the rows, managing the soil needed, and considering locations, our young gardeners gained an awareness of the planning, complexity and efforts needed to grow food and create surrounding beauty. 

Binoculars, Birds, and Beyond

Bird sounds, colors and movements are always fascinating, but especially at this time of the year. Even more intriguing to the students was the magic of binoculars. Figuring how to find and focus their view, students saw a variety of spring surprises as they searched and observed closely what they discovered. 


As many of you have read in the ECF story, Chickens & Children, our chickens are a long standing part of our community. What was surprising this spring was the fascination of our older elementary students with wanting to feed, observe and care for our chickens (including cleaning the coop!) 

After so many long months on screen and in lockdown, we hope that all students, regardless if they are onsite or offsite,  get out, follow their curiosities and enjoy the beauties of nature this spring in Prague.