Reflecting on the first nine weeks of school

  • Learning stories
  • Where they are as learners

We have completed nine weeks of the 20-21 Academic year having successfully navigated all three scenarios of onsite, hybrid and distance learning. Simultaneously, as a community, we have come together to nurture belonging and manage the myriad factors impacting our wellbeing during this persistent pandemic.

As we do every year at the end of the first quarter, ISP families from ECF through 12 have just taken part in fall conferences. The goal of this check-in is for students and teachers to share with parents where learners are at in their learning and what are the next best steps moving forward.  As the extensive evidence summarized by the Education Endowment Foundation demonstrates, learners will show significantly more growth if they . . .

  • are intrinsically motivated to learning; 
  • understand what they can already do well and understand deeply
  • Know what necessary steps they need to take to move forward; and
  • know how they are furthering their skills and understanding. 

Impactful school systems are also metacognitive and self-regulating. Throughout the first quarter we have been monitoring Onsite, Hybrid and Distance learning, reinforcing what’s gone well and considering next steps as we always try to improve and evolve. As you saw earlier, ISP students were thrilled to be back onsite for a majority of this first quarter. While observing, interviewing and collecting feedback, we have received great insights from students, parents and teachers that we will use in November to further refine our practices. We leave with you one quote and one photo as we wish you the best in staying healthy while getting some much deserved rest and relaxation next week.

“While last Spring ISP did a great job with Distance Learning, this year our children were not only well prepared and seamlessly transitioned, we have also seen a marked improvement in the quality of distance learning organization, activities and interactions.”  – ISP Parent