Nurturing our sense of safety and belonging in our community

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While learners from Grades 1 through 12 are on Distance Learning, we highlight the importance that we continue to nurture our sense of community and belonging in our community.  We know that learning cannot happen unless learners feel a real sense of safety and belonging. We also know that when  learning from afar, this becomes a greater challenge. Therefore, we want to express our deep gratitude for the extra measures teachers, students and parents are taking to nurture this.

Early Childhood Foundations

Our youngest learners continue to learn and connect onsite. Our ECF teachers and parents greatly appreciate this continuity of learning and belonging.. As one teacher mentioned, “they don’t even realize the others aren’t here” because they know these spaces as their own.

Elementary School

Elementary students are sharing how they’re learning, what they’re making and how they’re staying physically active. They then post this on SeeSaw so everyone else in the class can see. These posts along with the class and small group Zoom meetings keep learning and belonging continuing for everyone. 

Middle School

Given the shift to Distance Learning mid week, MS science teachers, Mr. Hannam and Mr. Erni are executing  the planned science lab. Students think critically about how the experiment was conducted before manipulating and interpreting the data produced.

Upper School

Upper School Robotics Club enjoy creating and trialing a “challenge” in the new Idea lab on the final afternoon before ISP was obliged to close for onsite learning.  ISP Upper School students will stay connected online with the other members of their interest based activities and clubs.