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Mushroom Hunts in the Forest

When going on our mushroom hunts in the forest, we always go with an intention in mind. Here are some of the different intentions of our hunts:

-Sketch mushrooms in the forest
-Use clay to shape mushrooms we find
-Check on the growth of the mushrooms we have found previously
-Dig up mushrooms and mycelium to grow in our tub
-Looking for a particular species of mushroom (ex. Fly Agaric, Bedla)
-Learn from an expert such a Ms. Jarka
-Follow the Kindergarten guidebook to see if we can find Dog Stinkhorn mushrooms
-Explore a new area that we have not been before to see if we can find mushrooms
-Find out if mushrooms can grow, even if it is cold outside

Our mushroom journals have gone with us on many mushroom hunts and are filled to the brim with a variety of mushroom sketches.