Middle School Language Arts & Social Sciences Společné Století: Shared Century

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The school year of 2018/19 is an historic one for the International School of Prague, as it saw the 70th year anniversary of the school and the 100th anniversary of the formation of Czechoslovakia. To mark these anniversaries, Grade 6 learners reflected on the 100th anniversary of Czech (and Slovak!) nationhood, and in doing so, gained an enduring understanding that events have causes and consequences, location influences the development of individuals and communities and that significant events and individuals impact the course of human history. Students also investigated how the past impacts on the present, how location helps shape people and communities and the significance of events and people.

Students investigated significance, cause and effect through the context of their own lives, world events and the history of ISP’s host country, and focused on understanding the present through the lens of the 100 years since the formation of Czechoslovakia.
Students worked in groups researching a decade between 1918 and 2018 and ultimately showcased their learning at an exhibition their displays and presentations highlighted significant individuals and events of each decade.Through this unit students gain knowledge on; the key events in a person’s lifetime, geography and timeline vocabulary, key events and influential individuals in world, the physical and political geography of Europe and of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other neighbours and the key events and influential individuals in Czech history.