From COVID to Courageous Changemakers

The world is grateful for scientists, researchers, and key organizations for the rapid development,  testing, and approval of COVID-19 vaccines. While recognizing the frustration that many international families and teachers have felt in not having access to these vaccines in the Czech Republic, this issue has now been finally resolved. As outlined in this article, the online reservation system for COVID vaccination should officially open for “self-payers” today, Friday, June 11. Whether you are staying here this summer or returning to your home country, on behalf of the ISP community, we encourage you to get vaccinated if you have access.

Vaccination Campaign

In addition to vaccinations that are available for those who are 16 and older, the EU Medicines Agency has now approved vaccinations for 12 – 15 year olds.  After a significantly disrupted the past year and a half, our students are interested in ensuring that ISP returns to campus in August and remains open next year. In light of this desire, several of our Grade 9 students volunteered to create posters to encourage their peers to get vaccinated. We share them now (please see below) to encourage everyone who has access to get vaccinated during the summer holidays. Please read Answers to Your Questions About COVID vaccines for more information. Copies of these posters will be posted around the school for our August return as we continue our efforts to have our community stay as healthy and safe as possible.

IBDP Bio Students

Leveraging their depth of understanding, a group of five grade 11 students from the IB Diploma Bio course, are passionate about sharing the scientific concepts with the community so that everyone better understands viruses and vaccinations. Please be on the lookout for more information about the following in August:

  • What is the science behind how vaccines work?
  • How did they trial the vaccines and how did they happen so fast?
  • Why get the vaccine and how do we alleviate side effects?
  • What is herd immunity and what is our role in protecting others in the community?  

Meanwhile, please check out the following resources: 

Thank you in advance for joining us in this effort to keep the ISP community safe and scientifically informed.  Please send us questions at