Falcon Student News – Elementary and Middle School

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Elementary and Middle School Students produce weekly news shows for student, parent and teacher audiences! The bulletins are shown on Elementary and Middle School Falcon Student News Youtube channels, and are shared around the school and beyond by email and social media.  

The news shows are almost entirely student devised, filmed, produced, and presented. Students hold weekly brainstorming to come up with ideas and discuss topical events around the school which are covered by the student media teams.

Working on Falcon Student News give Elementary and Middle School students an area where they can be creative and take ownership. Working on the news show also nurtures communication, confidence, and digital storytelling skills. Student collaboration, listening to others and teamwork are also absolutely vital to the success of the production. Faculty and Tech coaches play a mainly mentoring role, offering guidance and technological support to students, who learn film, editing, production, and how to use various types of equipment.  

Elementary Students love producing the shows so much that they typically produce the show outside of school hours as part of an After-School Activity. Middle School students also direct themselves towards filming as one of over 30 Elective topics students can choose from in taking ownership of their own learning!