Blocks to Kindergarten City – Project Work

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At the beginning of the school year, faculty in one Early Childhood Foundations class designated a large expanded block area where children could build together on a large scale with opportunities for small intricate work. This area consisted of a light table and a small table for design and drawing. The purpose was to empower students to explore how small simple shapes fit together to make complex designs. They provided big wooden blocks, small pattern blocks, and small translucent pattern blocks.

This area evolved into the Kindergarten City! Students started designing and building and while faculty observed children’s social interactions. Faculty then discussed community through what they noticed through the students’ interactions. Faculty facilitated class meetings before and after project work to discuss and make decisions on how to move forward. While the children were provided with the space for children to create alone, beside each other, and collaboratively, the students decided they had created a city! Watch the full story of the Kindergarten City here.