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Here are just a few remarkable stories of learning that our entire community should celebrate. Stay tuned for regular updates!


Middle School Spanish – “Informando desde Casa” Website

https://sites.google.com/isp.cz/informando-desde-casa/home “Informando desde Casa” was created during Distance Learning by the A2+ Spanish class. Students collaborated as authors, editors, and designers. They started off by reading and presenting current events, discussing various topics of interest and making cross-curricular connections. The students were given guidelines for their tasks and a criteria to be successful but had a choice to […]


Grade 6 Globalization Unit – investigation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

This year, Grade 6 ended our Globalization Unit with an investigation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Students studied sustainability and the lenses of sustainability before selecting an SDG to investigate. Using resources creating by the United Nations and participating in an EPIC non-fiction book club, students learned about their SDG, the problems associated with […]

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