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Thank you for making the ISP Fund Campaign a success.

Together we have raised 3 million CZK!

These funds will support exceptional new programmes that will benefit our students in the year to come.

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Collective giving enriches the ISP learning experience with unique programmes and exceptional resources. 

Giving Priorities 2023-24

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    Director’s Innovation Fund

    Our goal is to allocate funds to support emerging and innovative new projects driven by ISP faculty and students.

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    Design, Technology and Robotics

    Our goal is to spread the real-world tools of robotics, design, interactive technology and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) into the hands of our students at every grade level.

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    Elementary Outdoor Education

    Our goal is to enhance the existing Elementary Outdoor Education Programme, providing experiences for students to become more connected to the natural world and inspiring them to think deeply about the environment, sustainability and ways they can become changemakers for our planet.

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    Performing Arts

    Our goal is to complement in-class music-making with the experience of practising, performing and watching live music on stage.

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    Changemakers Student Grants

    Our goal is to support our students with the financial resources to plan and execute project, that will positively impact our local and global community. Interested students will apply for a Changemaker Grant and will be guided by their teachers and mentors to bring their ideas to life.

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    Student Leadership

    Our goal is to inspire students across the school to strengthen their leadership skills and develop their capacity to actively participate in Student Council (STUCO) by attending specialised trainings and workshops.

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    Learning Support

    Our goal is to strengthen the executive functioning skills of learners, ECF to Grade 12, and offer more teacher and parent training in our Learning Support programmes.