Happy Caravan Partnership

ISP has an official partnership with a growing educational organization, Happy Caravan, which every day makes a tangible difference in the lives of refugee children.

Happy Cravan

About Happy Caravan

Happy Caravan brings a safe, secure, and transformative school program to refugee children in Greece, at the Thermopylae Refugee Center in Lamia and the Malakasa Refugee Camp.

Happy Caravan has a strong commitment to providing a safe haven for displaced people – especially children, women and their families – in crisis during times of war or natural disasters.

Happy Caravan also wants to prepare those affected by war or natural disasters for a better future by nurturing their resilience, education, and creativity.

For more information about Happy Caravan visit https://happy-caravan.org/.

About the Partnership

The partnership with Happy Caravan provides an opportunity for the personal development of ISP’s faculty and students:

  • More deeply invest and grow together; create change that is bigger than we are
  • Coherent and sustaining relationship versus a “one-off” service vanture in a small corner of the school
  • Learners empowered, engaged, and inspired:
  • Integrating cultural learning throughout curriculum
  • Accessing longer-term transformative volunteering commitment throughout curriculum

Through building a sustaining relationship with the Happy Caravan community, we believe that the ISP family will:

  • grow to become richer in perspective, experiences, and international-mindedness
  • more centered in vocation
  • more rooted in our understanding of how we can make a tangible difference in ways big and small  

What does the Partnership entail?



Student and teacher volunteer trips throughout the year.

The most recent student trip took place during Upper School Week Without Walls with 10 students spending the week assisting Happy Caravan students.



Happy Caravan stories is an authentic resource in classrooms when students are learning about migration, human rights and other related topics.


Service opportunities

ISP teachers and students continuously assist Happy Caravan staff with classroom resources and ideas. There are various fundraising opportunities throughout the year organized by students from all sections of the school.

For more information about the Partnership email the ISP Happy Caravan Partnership Liaison nhorakova@isp.cz