Jan Smigmator

Jan Smigmator (born 1986) is a jazz singer, an embodiment of the connection between the music of the 21st century and swing kings like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Mel Tormé, or Tony Bennett. His voice, style, phrasing and love for the music rank him among the leading contemporary jazz and swing performers in Europe.

He graduated in 2008 from the Prague Conservatory singing in the Department of Popular Music and under the instruction of singers Eva Svobodová and Josef Štágr. At this time Smigmator was already performing in the company of leading Czech jazz musicians and orchestras. In 2005 he became a soloist in the legendary Václav Hybš Orchestra, with whom he sang in more than 250 concerts throughout the Czech Republic. Currently, he most commonly performs with his accompanying band – sextet or own big band, both ensembles composed of the top musicians of the Czech jazz scene.

Jan Smigmator has released five solo albums: his debut, “Swing Is Back” in 2013, “Time To Swing” in 2016, “Vánoce/Christmas” in 2017, “Smigmator GERSHWIN Winehouse” in 2018 and Murphy’s Law in 2020. While the debut record was mainly comprised of songs from the Great American Songbook plus one original, in “Time to Swing” Smigmator shows himself to be an accomplished songwriter and composer. The album dedicated to the legacy of George Gershwin was recorded with great jazz singer Mitch Winehouse (father of Amy Winehouse) and present great international music guests as legendary saxophonist Scott Hamilton, great US singer Donna Byrne or Slovakian trumpet player Juraj Bartoš. Last album Murphy’s Law is the only Smigmator’s album in Czech language and is recorded with Smigmator’s new big band. The following concert show was also filmed by The Czech Television.

Since 2011 Smigmator has also been presenter on Czech Radio 2, where he hosts Evergreen Club with the singer Dasha. Their music show is aimed at promoting the pieces from the Great American Songbook, jazz, swing and pop classics from the perspective of an artist. It focuses on both music history and the feeling that the music creates. In 2021 Dasha and Jan Smigmator have recorded album The evergreen Club dedicated to the 10th anniversary of their radio show.

In 2015, the world was commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the true King of Swing: Frank Sinatra. For this occasion, Jan Smigmator with his team devised, prepared and directed his ambitious musical project: Sinatrology. The Sinatrology concerts were held in towns throughout the Czech Republic, were some of the most extensive celebrations of the anniversary in the world. The main gala concert of the tour took place on December 12, 2015 in the Prague Municipal House. It was filmed by Czech Television and aired it on New Year’s Eve in primetime.

On April 29th, 2023 Smigmator will have his debut concert at Carnegie Hall, New York. As for this occasion he composed really amazing band so-called The New York Sextet. Among two great Czech musicians – Jan Steinsdörfer, pianist, arranger and Jan Andr, Hammond organ player and pianist, Smigmator will be accompanied by true legends, long time members of Tony Bennett band – Marshall Wood on double bass, Harrold Jones on drums, Gray Sargent on guitar and one and only Scott Hamilton on tenor saxophone.