The International School of Music and Fine Arts Prague (ISMFA) is an international art school that offers music, art and dance courses for children and adults. Teaching takes place in students’ homes, in their schools or in the ISMFA studio in Prague 3. The school has excellent teachers and a wide selection of teaching programs focusing on classical music or jazz & rock & pop (individual Music Program curriculum or curriculum ending with international exams ABRSM, LCM, Trinity College) .

Students can choose whether to study classical music, jazz & rock & pop or a combination of different genres. Students also can perform at many concerts, participate in workshops, including the possibility of joint performances with renowned professional musicians. ISMFA also offers some online courses – such as music theory.

Students and their families receive various other benefits, such as the opportunity to attend prestigious concerts at discounted prices or the possibility of renting musical instruments. The school recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Overall, more than 10,000 students have studied at the school and we held about 680 concerts, dance performances and art exhibitions.