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Distance Learning in Action: Rock Band Style Distance Learning

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In ISP Upper School’s Rock Band class, going to Distance Learning has meant meeting together with the teacher each class through ZOOM for general instructions and then going into ZOOM breakout rooms to spend time together as bands and set up practice plans. Students then watch a video highlighting key moments and bands in the history of Rock and Roll (e.g., Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode,” the Beatles’ British Invasion, Woodstock and Jimi Hendrix) and comment thoughtfully in a Canvas Discussion forum. 

Students then practice the rock songs they chose as a band and have shown great creativity and problem solving in overcoming challenges: adapting electric guitar chords to acoustic guitar and turning furniture and notebooks into drum kits! Finally, each student recorded themselves playing their part and submitted it to the teacher who compiled the footage into one video for the students’ enjoyment and reflection. The Rock Band students have discovered with Distance Learning that truly the show must still go on!