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Distance Learning in Action: Middle School Science

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We are trying different things in Gr. 7 Science to ensure students are interacting with each other, building skills and knowledge and also doing work that is relevant to our current situation. Each lesson begging with a Zoom check with time for kids to chat and then we either use a screencast or a live lesson to communicate the tasks for the day. 
Our current unit is Food Science. This week students will do two lab activities using some great online simulations. They will test different food samples for carbohydrates, proteins and fats and use a virtual calorimeter to burn different food samples to find out the calorie levels. The students are also surveying their kitchens to record and analyze the nutrition information about the foods they have at home. 

Next week, students will be learning about healthy food guidelines from different countries around the world. A professional chef will be a guest speaker (Cameron Stauch, an ISP parent) to help give tips on cooking and nutrition during the quarantine time. They will then make informational posters about healthy quarantine eating for their family kitchens.

Avis Beek
Middle School Science