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Distance Learning in Action: ‘Home’ – an ‘Earth Week’ inquiry in Early Childhood Foundations

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As we continue being home learners, and away from each other there was a moment of reflection. 

A home in the imagination
Room in a Home

When we learn from school we share some common elements – we sit in similar rooms, we play in the same playground, we get to eat on similar looking tables and we see and share the same environment. BUT NOW we see different things, we exist in different rooms, we play in different gardens, we eat on different tables and we learn from different homes. 

The Minecraft Home
Miss Akshaya’s interpretation
A mapped home

“What does home look like” was a provocation put forward to the ECF5 children. There are different ways to share a home. You could share the inside, you could share the outside OR you could even share a map of where your home is. Maybe there is a way to share your home that I haven’t even thought of.

Earth for a home

Some of these homes were homes that live in our imagination, some of them were homes from the inside or outside some were homes that were shown on maps. But there was one thing all these homes had in common. All these homes live on one big home – planet earth. Then came the follow up provocation. “What do you think of when you imagine this big home earth?

Akshaya Krishnamoorthy

Teacher’s Aide / Atelierista