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Distance Learning in Action: Grade 8 Science – Electricity

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Grade 8 science students were asked to research and make an electroscope as part of a unit about electricity.  Students spent some time away from their computers doing this hands-on activity. Students were asked to produce a short video to show the answers to these questions. There were wonderful moments involving pets, cuddly toys, younger siblings and so on as students were enthusiastically trying different things to get their electroscope to work and find the answers to the questions.  Zoom was invaluable in troubleshooting problems students were having with their creations. 

They were asked to answer two questions:

  1. Does aluminum (Al) foil work better than paper with pencil “lead” drawn on it?  
  2. Which charged object/material gets the best response with your electroscope?

Here are some video answers below…

Tony Erni

Middle School Science