Distance Learning in Action: Grade 5 Sketchnoting

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Grade 5 Educators Nancy Hills and Laura Kuklová are teaching kids in 5H how to sketchnote. Sketchnoting is commonly referred to as visual notetaking, and is a creative and graphic process through which an individual can record their thoughts with the use of illustrations, symbols, structures, and texts.

We started to work on this in October with building childrens’ visual library and their own visual language.

We use sketchnoting for taking notes from research sources, retelling stories or explaining topics which are difficult to describe with words. Sketchnoting helps children change passive listening without understanding to an active activity when they have to understand the problem first before creating a visual. 

Now we continue with our lessons online even for sketchnoting. Children do daily doodle, when they work on their visual library or we have common lessons about features of sketchnoting. We also do sketchnoting lessons where we show how to sketchnote key information from a research article using a shared whiteboard.

Laura Kuklová

Grade 5 Educator