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Distance Learning in Action: An Elementary Parent’s Perspective

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Distance Learning: At Home with Two Elementary School Children

We have always been suckers for structure and routine. So, to that end, we make lists, we use highlighters, we set alarms, we have designated spaces for certain activities and we have set times for breaks and lunch. Is it perfect? Not always. Does it matter? Of course not. We just try to keep things balanced with plenty of room for work and play. The kids love Zoom calls with their teachers, completing really tough math problems, drawing monsters for Ms. Maria and trying to figure out Mr. Jaanus’s morning brain teaser. They also enjoy spending time outside in the yard and if their hour-long “recess” turns into two (or even three) hours, that’s OK too.  

If there is actually a silver lining to this crazy situation that we’re currently living in (which I absolutely needed to find), it’s that the four of us sit down to dinner as a family every night and discuss our day.  Even though our days tend to be pretty much the same, we always find something new to talk about (Paige’s latest persuasive writing, MJ’s daily reading, Dua Lipa’s new album, the stock market). This is something I use to do as a child myself – we had dinner together every weeknight at 6:30pm sharp. This is something that brings me joy. This is something that gives me hope.

Sean Krebs

ES School Parent

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