Director’s Blog – Virtual hugs

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As we all contend with the new normal in the age of Coronavirus, the International School of Prague, like many schools around the world has had to rapidly switch gears into a virtual world of learning and human interaction. One of the primary powers of school is its social environment, where students and other community members can rub shoulders, literally, and connect in ways that are only possible in person. Now that school is physically closed, we employ our many digital tools in new and creative ways, to bring us all a little bit closer together. I am continually proud and in awe in how our community; students, teachers, support staff and parents, have dedicated themselves to keeping the spirit of our school alive and well.

During my 12 years as ISP Director, I have greeted our community at the school entrance every day. Every Monday morning I make weekly announcements over the PA with music always playing a central role.

Maintaining our traditions and a semblance of normalcy is an important goal as we strive for continuity during these challenging times. So, starting today, I am delivering my Monday Morning Announcement with a special musical offering, virtually. Here’s my first virtual Monday Morning Announcement with more to follow over the coming weeks. While we must keep our social distance in order to fight this pandemic, there’s nothing to stop me from sending you virtual hugs!