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Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Helping Steer the Good Ship ISP

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Alumni Stories show how students take the ISP Mission into the world and continue to live by the school’s values. Alumnus William Jalloul (Class of 2009) talks about changing landscapes in finance and ISP Alumni Relations.

William Jalloul (Class of 2009), with his business partner Daniel Hastík, has recently founded a new fintech start-up, Flowpay, here in Prague but he also finds time to help his old school. Building on the substantial experience of investing in and helping start-ups get off the ground, the new venture is making waves in the somewhat stuffy world of finance. William’s zeal for entrepreneurship applies as much to his business interests as to his membership of ISP’s Advancement Committee. 

William flanked by 2005 Alumn  Andrew Slezak (Left) and 2009 classmate Robert Katschner (Right)

A desire to bring young people together and help them chase their dreams is something that William is very passionate about. “For the past couple years I have been involved in the furthering of ISP’s positive impact as a member of the Advancement Committee…I think ISP made some great strides in Alumni Relations but like a lot of things, this progress has stalled a little in recent times. Creating a real, active and energetic alumni network is something we are all ambitious to do.”  

William believes that young companies like his would benefit from ISP students, both past and current, interacting through a more active alumni network. “It’s always a challenge to find the right people – and I know from experience ISP helps form like-minded, passionate and hard-working individuals! Through my work on the Advancement Committee, I’d love to see more of my fellow former students get involved in the life of the school and help bring us together on a personal and professional level.

From left: Class of 2009 friends – Robert, Boris Ignatenko, and William

This desire to shake things up extends to his new venture. In a recent interview with the influential Czech Crunch portal, William explains: “Traditional financial institutions use slow and outdated methods to analyze the risk of small and midsize companies, which often do not correspond to their real condition. Flowpay’s approach uses real-time company data which is processed through our machine learning scoring model to assess their health. This allows us to help businesses immediately and with a greater amount of security.”

An ISP and friends night out from October 2021 in Prague – Katerina Panayotopoulos (second left), Natalie Madi (third left), Robert Katschner (fourth left), William Jalloul (sixth left) Stefan Savic (eighth left).

Back on the subject of alumni relations, William said, “While the network of alumni is obviously very meaningful socially, it is also important in terms of alumni being inspirational figures for current students. Creating internships for students shouldn’t always be left to ISP parents! I’m looking to get more involved by creating opportunities in my company and it is something I urge my fellow alumni around the world to do as well!” 

To reach out to William see his Linkedin Profile.

William in ISP Kindergarten – Ms Vesecka, one of the longest-serving teachers at ISP on the right.