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FAQs About The Annual Fund

What is the Annual Fund?

Fundraising for the Annual Fund takes place every year. Donations to the Annual Fund confirm the community’s desire to go beyond the cost of tuition to purchase items and programs that will have an immediate impact on current students. It elevates ISP to the level of excellence that tuition alone cannot provide.

How are donations to the Annual Fund used?

Donations to the Annual Fund are used in the year which they are donated; they provide funding for everything that affects current students each year at the International School of Prague, including:

  • All programs
  • Faculty salaries & professional development
  • Equipment & technology
  • Athletics
  • The Arts
  • Financial Aid
  • Outdoor programs, field trips, and cultural opportunities
  • Campus beautification


Why not just raise the cost of tuition?

Despite ISP’s reputation for outstanding facilities and educational excellence, the cost to attend ISP is competitive with other independent schools in the region. 

This is partly because we are a not-for-profit (all proceeds go towards improving the experience of ISP students), but also because donors add to our programs, which allow us to offer more without charging more. 

Raising tuition to cover increased needs is a possibility, but it is a short-term solution; eventually, we would price ourselves so far above other schools that we would be considered not competitive. Worse, raising tuition might also make an ISP education unaffordable for many of our families, all of whom make ISP the type of community that is so attractive. 

Is my donation tax deductible?

Donations can be made to either of two entities, both of which support ISP students, and both of which provide tax deductions. Individual tax circumstances vary, so please consult your tax advisor.

The two entities are:

  • International School of Prague, s.r.o. (a Czech corporation – tax deductible for Czech tax payers, to the extent permissible by Czech law).
  • The International School of Prague Foundation (a US 501c3 - tax-deductible for US Tax payers, to the extent permissible by US law)

My company matches gifts – can ISP accept corporate matching gifts?

Absolutely! Many U.S. companies match employee donations, and The International School of Prague Foundation is qualified to accept them. Corporate matching gifts are a great way to easily increase the effect that your donation can have on ISP students, so please contact the ISP Advancement Office if you would like help in determining whether your company will match your donation. 

How much should we donate?

Please make a donation that is meaningful to you. What that amount is depends on the individual, but all gifts add up to the whole group’s ability to continue the level of excellence at ISP. Please be a full, participating member of our community – support the Annual Fund at a level that is appropriate for you.

When is the best time to donate to the Annual Fund?

The earlier the better!

Our academic (and fiscal year) runs from July 1 – June 30. We send our first request for participation in September, and we continue to ask (politely!) in various ways throughout the year. Donating early allows us to thank you profusely and stop sending reminders. 

How can we donate to the Annual Fund?

Please visit this page to make your donation to the ISP Annual Fund.

We already give to many charities – why is ISP so deserving?

Many ISP parents are generous philanthropists, supporting deserving charities around the globe. Understanding the impact that ISP students have in the world leads many to know that their donations to ISP have long-term effects beyond the halls of our school. Donations to the ISP Annual Fund benefit current and future students. We hope that this will allow you to consider ISP worthy of your highest philanthropic goals. 

Thank you!

Donors to the 2015-16 ISP Annual Fund raised over 2.000.000 czk, far surpassing the goal of 1.722.500 czk! 

Please help us in 2016-17 to continue growing this important ISP tradition - if you're ready to make your donation, please visit this page now, and thank you!

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