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Activities for Elementary Students

While not mandatory, After School Activities can be terrific for every child. They teach life skills, improve self-esteem, and help students explore their talents & interests.

Activities offered at ISP are structured, challenging, rewarding and tailored to individual needs, skills and development.

Activities for elementary students are provided by staff, faculty, parents and outside organisations. We encourage students to make the most of our extensive activities program.

Please click on the lists below to discover many of our offerings. Detailed infomation (including how to sign up) can be found on our ES Activities School Net Page (requires log in).

Activities Program by Trimester

The following are examples of activities that occur as a part of the Elementary school Activities program. Please note these activities are offered for a trimester and are not necessarily year round. To find out more detailed infomation as to what is offered this trimester (including how to sign up) please go to our ES Activities School Net Page (requires log in).

Adventure Games: Gr 1,2

Students take part in vigorous activities working in teams and learning how to respect their own and each other's strengths and abilities. The activities include fundamental movement skills including hopping, skipping and running at different speeds as well as their ability to focus at appropriate times. Having fun is always key and opportunities for 'scream time', which most if not all like to do at the end of a school day.

Hiking in Nature Gr 1,2,3

A leisurely pursuit for students hiking / walking in forests which are either a short walk from school or bus ride from school. During the hike students use their senses when coming across ponds, streams, animals in their environments as well as enjoying playgrounds they may come across. Comfortable walking shoes are required and tick repellant and a cap are recommended.

Swimming Gr 1-5

Students of any level are invited to improve their swimming skills focusing on different swimming strokes and techniques through formal instruction and fun games. Bus transportation is provided to and from the pool. There is a charge for this activity.

Yoga Gr 1, 2

Yoga is wonderful exercise for the mind and body. It's incredible movements, balanced postures, slow deep breathing and relaxation exercises will help students in many ways including keeping them flexible, relieve stress, build self-confidence and give them the warm radiance of health and well-being.

Invasion Games Gr 1,2

These balanced sessions provide a good mix of fundamentals including movement, balance and co-ordination skills as well as learning 'tricks' and the basic rules of the game. Sportsmanship, team co-operation and having fun are promoted at all times. 

Invasion Game – Netball Gr 3,4,5

High 5' is specifically designed for Under 11 Girls and Boys to introduce them to Netball. It's flexible, fun and very fast so if you want to pick up great Invasion Games Skills and always be involved as part of a team then join us...

Invasion Game – Handball – Gr 3,4,5

Invasion Games skills, tactics and strategies are further explored in this fast and furious game with an emphasis on sportsmanship, team co-operation, communication and fair play.

Invasion Game – Football – Gr 1-5

Students work on their Football skills and develop an understanding of the basic rules of the game. Emphasis is on active fun, and sportsmanship. The sessions are developed using age appropriate skills and small sided games.

Invasion Game - Floorball – Gr 3,4,5

Students develop their basic Floorball skills and knowledge of the game through small sided games in an environment of team co-operation and sportsmanship. Skill development is a key focus of each session and more age appropriate competitive games towards the end of the tri- mester focusing on how to win and lose well and dealing with emotions.

Net & Wall Game – Volleyball Gr 3,4,5

'Let’s Play Volleyball' is a game-based approach whereby a small-sided approach (2 v 2, 3 v 3 and 4 v 4) is used to take young players sequentially through the essential skills required to become a competent Volleyball player.

Net & Wall Games – Tennis / Badminton Gr 2,3,4,5

Students will develop the range and quality of their skills when playing games using rackets/ bats. They will also learn specific tactics and skills for games such as badminton and table tennis

Striking & Fielding Games – Rounders / Softball / Kickball Gr 3,4,5

Students will focus on developing their technique when bowling, striking and fielding using the different formats of these games. Strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition will also be explored in a fun outdoor setting as well as teamwork and communication skills. As with all Intra-mural activities - sportsmanship and fair play are key aspects to be developed.

Cooking Gr 1,2,3

Students learn basic cooking skills such as peeling, grating, cutting and mixing. Czech cuisine is explored and at the end of each session the dish that is created can be eaten or taken home for all to enjoy!

Beading Gr 1-5

Beautiful pictures can be made with beads and an iron instead of stringing them together to create colourful and creative pieces of art. Parents will marvel at the interesting and extraordinary projects that will eventually come home for display.

Post Office Gr 1-5

Students develop their reading and writing letter skills promoting community and communication by setting up an internal postal service within the Elementary School. They maintain in-going and outgoing mail for all the classrooms including delivery. Letters and cards are written to friends, those who are feeling 'bad/poorly' or need encouragement and to parents/adults to say thank you for helping them in one way or another. Sometimes raffles take place too.

Organic Kids Gr 2-5

Organic Kids is a fun and rewarding activity where students learn how to grow a variety of organic vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes in the Elementary School Greenhouse. Students will experience the entire process of planting, caring for and then harvesting the vegetables whilst learning the value of organic food.

Cartoon and Comics Gr 3-5

Create your comic book characters and environments, illustrate your story and write the speech bubble, learn about super heros and their super powers and make up your own. Enter the cartoon world with this great after school activity. Don't miss it!

Spring Art: Gr 1,2

The students will use various materials as part of creating a Spring Project e.g. Czech clay, natural materials (seeds), glass and glass paints. They will further develop their fine motor skills as well as learn about some Czech Spring traditions, history and legends through literature.

Pottery Gr 2,3

Students learn how to create bowls, dishes, containers and sculptural art pieces using the 3 methods of coiling, pinching and slab work. They are guided step-by-step through all processes and stages of creating, decorating, glazing and firing with magical results.

Needlework Gr 2-5

Students will learn how to do a number of different stitches using a book design or child's fantasy story as Inspiration.

Book Adventures Gr 1-5

A fun activity where students get to be the author, illustrator and publisher making your own books. Students will have the opportunity to make lots of different kinds of books (pop-up, picture, activity, etc.) and have an end product to take home and share.

Organisational Skills and Brain Teasers Gr 4,5

A great activity for discovering tips on how to make an easier transition to life in Middle School. Students will be better prepared for how to be more organised and avoid ‘stressful’ situations e.g. losing/forgetting homework, books and papers. Students will also receive tips on how to avoid being late for lessons. Fun Brain Teasers will help refresh student’s minds after a long school day, which will also help improve memory skills.

Scratch - Computer Programming Gr 1,2,3

Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and share your creations on the web. As young people create and share Scratch projects, they learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. For more information go to the Scratch website at http://scratch.mit.edu/ . Students will create and share original animations and games that they can save to a laptop folder and/or USB driveHomework Club Grs 3,4,5

Homework Club Gr 3,4,5

Students can work on their own or receive extra support in a quiet and supportive environment

Year-Round Activities Program

Beginners Band Gr 5

This is your chance to learn to play a band instrument! No experience necessary! You will see a demonstration during school on the various band instruments available to you. This activity requires practicing and a year long commitment but is a life long skill. We will have a lot of fun and by the end of the year we will be performing in concert as a group! More information will be sent home in Friday folders. This activity will only get started after instruments are chosen and everyone is ready to begin, approximately the end of September.

Lights Music Action Gr 3,4,5

Lights, MUSIC, Action(LMA) is an after school activity that runs all school year, with a particular

Focus this year on musical theater skills and performance—singing, acting and choreography.

Lights Music Action Junior Gr 1,2

A fun, new blend of music with Orff instruments and easy percussion, choir, creative drama to be prepared for Musical Theater of Grades 3-5. No materials regularly needed, students may be asked to bring miscellaneous items from home from time to time. Students/parents will be responsible for providing any costumes for performances.

Strings Aboard  Gr 1-5

Violin, viola and cello players can play music in various ensembles, chamber groups, and solo settings. Musical arrangements of all styles will be tailored to the ability levels of the students. The repertoire will challenge advanced players, but will also be accessible for less advanced students. Students without previous experience, (= never played an instrument before) unfortunately, can’t be accepted. We will regularly perform at ISP Gatherings and concerts, sometimes with other ISP performing groups (MS Band, Choirs…) and invite talented Czech musicians as soloists.

Modern and Street Dance Gr 3,4,5

Students will explore more advanced movement patterns based on various styles of modern dance and street dance. The whole class will be structured to include warm up, stretching, strength/building, choreography building and free dance expression. Fun movement will be complemented by introduction to correct posture awareness and care. Dance students will perform for ES students and parents.

A fee for costumes might apply.

Beginning Dance Gr 1,2

Basic introduction to various dance techniques including ballet, folk and modern dance styles such as jazz or hip-hop. Children will learn how to connect music with movement, how to use space and work together on choreography. A section of class will be set aside for a free movement expression. Dance students will perform for ES students and parents. A reasonable fee for costumes might apply.

Girl Scouts Gr 1-5

ISP's Girl Scout Troop 45002 is a member of the Girl Scouts of America and welcomes girls of all nationalities. Troop activities focus on outdoor skills and experiences, environmental education, and the development of self-confidence and leadership in girls. In addition to regular meetings, a few times a year we organize hikes, cook-outs and camping trips on weekends. 


ISP Parent-Sponsored Activities

These activities are coordinated and run by our parent community. Their success is due to parents committing their time and energy to coordinate, coach and assist in the running of them. Please consider volunteering to help out.

Information regarding each of these activties goes out in the parent contact email.

Youth Basketball

The youth basketball program is designed to give Basketball opportunities to all level of players from beginners to the more experienced. The program is open to boys and girls grades 2 to 5 and sessions run Saturday mornings during the winter season. Emphasis is on participation and development of the FUNdamentals of the game.

Youth Baseball Prague

Youth Baseball Prague is a program designed to introduce the sport of baseball to the international community of Prague.  Our goal is to teach children the fundamentals of baseball while promoting sportsmanship and teamwork.  We invite all boys and girls ages 5 to 12 to join us and experience the FUN of baseball. The program runs in the spring and sign up information will go out in the parent contact.

Jaro's Football

Jaro's Football is a year round activity open for boys and girls grades KG to 8. Children are taught the basics of the game with an emphasis on enjoyment and activity. Information regarding sign up will be in the parent contact.

ISP-Affiliated Activities

The activities below are offered by organisations within Prague and are open to our student community. We have affiliation by allowing them use of our facilities or through previous relationships with ISP families and programs.

Quang Kung Fu

Traditional martial arts teaching of Shao Lin Kung Fu takes place at ISP Fridays after school. ES classes run from 3 to 4pm and MS/US classes from 4 to 5pm. Please refer to the Quang Kung Fu Website or email quangkungfu70@gmail.com for more details.

Stage Stars

Stage Stars is an organization that strives to offer high quality  education and experience for children ages 5-18 in theater, film and movement discipline and general artistic impression involved in performance. They run activities after school and on weekends at ISP. Please refer to the Stage Stars Website for contact details and more information.

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